EVS has announced that it has partnered with MercuryGate International, Inc., a provider of transportation management solutions, to deliver turnkey WMS and TMS integration. Bringing its iOS-native mobe3 Cloud WMS together with the cloud-based MercuryGate TMS, EVS will seamlessly optimize its customers’ end-to-end logistics to increase their profit margins and boost growth opportunities. 

The mobe3 Cloud WMS is a modern inventory platform that helps companies increase the velocity of goods through the warehouse, while the MercuryGate TMS optimizes freight movement into and out of the warehouse. By integrating the two and allowing for transparent business data visibility, additional efficiencies are gained by linking the planning and execution of inventory movement throughout the supply chain. The results are reduced overhead cost, improved workforce productivity and more precise order fulfillment.

“Many companies look at improving their warehouse operations and optimizing their freight as two separate initiatives, and they’re often done in isolation from each other,” says Nathan Brown, chief technology officer of EVS. “Synchronizing these processes means that inventory spends less time sitting idle and waiting for upstream or downstream supply chain processes. When picking and receiving is synchronized with logistics, inventory velocity goes up. Increased inventory velocity means more cash.”

“We are pleased to be working with EVS because its innovation in the enterprise software industry complements ours. Together we are giving our customers a new competitive advantage in their respective markets,” said Monica Wooden, CEO and co-founder, MercuryGate International, Inc.

For more about EVS and its advanced supply chain technologies, visit www.evssw.com.