Company: Allie's Gluten Free Goodies


Introduced: July 2018

Distribution: National

Suggested Retail Price: $3.00-$12.00

Product Snapshot: Allie’s GF Goodies is a complete line of allergen free baked goods. The products are gluten free and free of dairy, peanuts, tree-nuts, coconut, sesame, legumes & pea protein. “Items are also egg-free available,” says owner Allison Luckman, adding, “We go to great lengths to eliminate any cross contamination, even baking egg-free in dedicated bowls, pans, utensils and even a dedicated oven.”

Many of the biggest catering operations in the Tri-state area, including major league ball parks, casinos, and zoos, are using Allie’s GF Goodies to satisfy the allergen needs of their guests. The ability to offer great tasting baked goods, without the chance of cross-contamination and to be labor free, makes Allie’s GF Goodies the most sensible solution for their businesses.

Specialty food stores, better supermarkets as well as restaurants and food services will now be able to offer their customers allergen free baked products that taste great and are as affordable as products that use inferior quality ingredients, that cause potential allergic reactions, and simply don’t taste as good as baked products from Allie’s GF Goodies.  All of Allie’s GF Goodies are also certified Kosher.

“We have great pride in our baking and the scale of products we offer, says Luckman, adding, “my staff constantly needs to rear me back because there are always ten or twenty more things that I want to have baked at our facility, but we must be conscious of the great offerings we already sell.”

The raspberry filled Oatie Bar which is also presented in full cakes at foodservice, is packaged for grab ‘n go, as is brownies and other allergen-free baked sweet or savory products.

The bakery items retail as follows:

  • Vegan Oatie Bar: $4.50
  • Jewish Biscotti Box (12 oz. loaf): $12.00
  • Jewish Biscotti: $3.00 per 2-pack
  • Cake Pops: $3.50