Have you ever had a mouth-watering brick-fired pizza made by a genuine Pizzaiolo?

Pizza University & Culinary Arts Center (PUCAC) is a collaboration between an innovative brick oven manufacturer, a conglomerate of restaurateurs, award-winning chefs, and leading ingre­­dient producers. Its aim is to support the wellness of the Hospitality and Food & Beverage industries, by filling the need for skilled pizza makers and professional chefs.

The PUCAC is also "proud to provide career guidance for veterans and young adults who wish to pursue a career in pizza making and other culinary arts," according to founders Francesco and Enzo Marra, and in addition to granting professional certification, "we also connect well-trained chefs with thriving restaurants."

In America, pizza is one of the highest-grossing segments within the fast-casual market. The demand for healthier, made-your-way-in-less-than-a-minute-pizza is steadily increasing. In recent years, many college campuses, hospitals, stadiums, grocery chains, and even the new Apple Campus cafeteria now offer artisan personal pizzas. In Italy, where pizza-making has earned UNESCO heritage status, there are literally hundreds of pizza schools. However, despite America's high demand for amazing pizza, there is a lack of instruction available for those who aspire to make it professionally. Looking at the numbers, a career as a chef is a viable occupational option for the many passionate cooks. PUCAC is here to help fill the shortage of skilled and committed pizza makers in the American pizza industry.

The Pizza University & Culinary Arts Center was started on the East Coast, but is quickly spreading to include facilities in LA, Mexico, and Dubai.  Thus far, the school has welcomed special guest instructors such as the Pizza Champion of the World, Tony Gemignani—a man many call "the best pizza maker in the world," Neapolitan Master Pizzaiolo Antonio Starita, and the president of VPN America, Peppe Miele. The school is quickly gaining notoriety in the pizza and culinary industries and also features recreational courses such as Sweet and Savory Baking with award-winning author/chef/ Pizza University Ambassador, Amy Riolo. PUCAC is also proud to partner with industry leaders, such as Les Dames d'Escoffier to host a Global Gourmet Pizza Workshop event on December 12, 2018.  In 2019, it will reveal additional courses. Go to pizzauniversity.org to explore its courses and learn more about its instructors.