March 17th, 2019 marks the 55th anniversary for Formost Fuji Corporation, a manufacturer of horizontal bagging and wrapping equipment.

With Al Formo as founder, Formost Fuji began its journey in the late 60’s with the development and manufacturing of the first poly-bagged bread bagger. Since the opening of Formost Packaging Machines in 1969, the company has accomplished many innovations and expanded well beyond the baking industry. In addition to the company’s designing, engineering, and building of bagging machines, Formost Packaging has been a US based manufacturer of Fuji wrappers for many years. They became Formost Fuji Corporation in 2008 when they partnered with Fuji Machinery in Nagoya, Japan to capitalize on Fuji’s global strength and recognition. The partnership has proven to be an important and positive step in the company’s growth.

“55 years is a milestone few companies reach,” said Dennis Gunnell, president. “This success has been sustained through our combination of superior equipment, high quality support, and solid partnerships with our customers. We look forward to continuing our strong tradition.”

“As Formost Fuji continues to grow, we recognize that our success is dependent upon our dedicated and hardworking team members, many who have been with the company for 20, 30, and even 40+ years," adds Gunnell. “Our great people continue to be the backbone of our success and will lead us into the future.”