Paul Graham, president of Symrise Flavors North America, announced that Symrise has expanded its manufacturing capacity with the opening of a new 23,000 square foot Spray Bed Drying facility in Branchburg, New Jersey, enhancing the company’s ability to deliver the full taste experience in encapsulated flavors to food and beverage brands across North America.

Spray Bed Drying (SBD) ensures good mixing and contact between the spray of atomized droplets and the drying air, providing optimum conditions for the rapid evaporation of water and agglomeration. The powder is first dried in the main chamber, then fluidized in the integrated fluid bed at the bottom of the chamber. The material is then further refined in an external fluidized bed, which produces agglomerates particles that allow maximum flowability and dispersibility in customer applications.

Branded as evodry, the SBD technology is part of Symrise’s global evocore encapsulation platform, the industry’s most comprehensive portfolio of flavor encapsulation technologies designed to deliver genuine fit-for-purpose performance at an attractive cost-in-use.

According to Mr. Graham, “In addition to increasing production volume, evodry technology offers the benefits of controlled flavor release, a lower risk of contamination and instant cold-water solubility. It also gives Symrise’s citrus solutions a longer shelf life thanks to better oxidation stability. Adding evodry technology to our US manufacturing portfolio not only doubles our overall spray drying capacity, it enhances our ability to deliver specialized encapsulation technology to producers of coffee drinks, teas and dry blends.”