A natural food industry pioneer with a longstanding commitment to sustainability, Kettle Brand is reducing the amount of plastic in its packaging by 43 percent. Shifting from 5-layer packaging film to 3-layer film will significantly reduce the brand’s environmental footprint from packaging. The project will result in an annual 51 percent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions from packaging and keep two million pounds of plastic out of landfills.

“The fact of the matter is, packaging—be that for food or otherwise—is taking a measurable toll on the planet. While we continue to look for fully recyclable or biodegradable options that still protect product quality and work within our recycling systems, our immediate focus is on reducing our impact overall," said Julie Balzer, senior brand manager for Kettle Brand. “This latest version represents a significant improvement, while also making it much easier to open our bags – something fans have long asked for.”

Finding a source of low-impact packaging capable of protecting the quality of Kettle Brand chips has been an ongoing journey. In 2008, the brand removed the paper layer from its bags, reducing the material at the time by 20 percent.

Retailers and consumers will see a transition from Kettle Brand’s existing bags to the new packaging throughout the remainder of this year.


A history of looking to the future

The new packaging builds on the brand’s historic commitment to minimizing its environmental footprint, from installing one of the largest grid-tied solar PV arrays in the Pacific Northwest, to enhancing biological diversity in the wetlands around its flagship facility in Salem, Oregon.