Company: Pepperidge Farm

Introduced: May 2020

Distribution: National

Suggested Retail Price: $125

Product Snapshot: This year, Milano is encouraging everyone to save a moment for themselves by enjoying happy hour in a new way—by pairing Milano cookies with wine! 

Milano is partnering with Nocking Point Wines, known for creating wines in collaboration with influential celebrities and artists, to create a limited-edition ‘Milano x Nocking Point Wines Happier Hour Box.’

The box will be available for purchase via

The box features a selection of five Nocking Point Wines selected to match with the Milano cookie Happier Hour Pairing Guide, created for the ultimate Milano cookie and wine tasting experience. The guide features five expert pairing ideas for how to match various Milano cookie flavors with your favorite wine—see below. 

Milano Happier Hour Guide:

  1. Double Dark Chocolate Milano cookies + Full-bodied Red

The extra bold notes of cacao in the dark chocolate make this the perfect pairing for a robust, full-bodied red such as a Cabernet Sauvignon.


  1. Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Milano cookies + Medium-bodied Red

A berry forward wine like a medium-bodied Pinot Noir with notes of ripe cherry will mimic the experience of enjoying a cherry-filled chocolate from your favorite variety box.


  1. Milk Chocolate Milano cookies + Light-bodied Red or Rose

The crisp cookies filled with delicious milk chocolate pair perfectly with a smooth light-bodied red or glass of rosé.


  1. Raspberry Milano cookies + Crisp White or Champagne

Layers of rich dark chocolate and bright raspberry flavor pair beautifully with a chilled glass of bubbly or crisp white wine.


  1. Orange Milano cookies + White Blend

For a lighter pairing, a white wine with notes of citrus fruit and exotic spices are perfect for Orange flavored Milano cookies, bringing the orange flavor to the forefront.