Company: Tate & Lyle

Ingredient Snapshot: Tate & Lyle PLC (Tate & Lyle), a global provider of food and beverage solutions and ingredients, is pleased to announce the launch of SWEETENER-VANTAGE Expert Systems, a set of new and innovative sweetener solution design tools, which are designed to help formulators create sugar-reduced food and drink using low calorie sweeteners. Developed in response to customer demand for more predictive tools to support product performance and reduce development time, SWEETENER-VANTAGE Expert Systems will enable formulators to more efficiently solve their formulation challenges.

The SWEETENER-VANTAGE suite of tools includes sweetener maps and selection tools, and WikiSweet, Tate & Lyle’s proprietary encyclopedia of formulation challenges and solutions, which Tate & Lyle scientists use with formulators to help them to differentiate between and select suitable sweeteners.

Shawn Erickson, senior principal scientist at Tate & Lyle, who co-developed the curriculum and will co-host the first Sweetener University webinar next week, said: “We developed the SWEETENER-VANTAGE Expert Systems to meet high demand for accessible expert guidance and tools that simplify and expedite the product development process. Through this suite of tools, Tate & Lyle shares 160-years of sweetening expertise to help formulators of all experience-levels build their knowledge of the latest sweetener science, understand variations in sweetener offerings, and deepen formulation expertise.

Jim Carr, director of global ingredient technology for sweeteners at Tate & Lyle, who also developed and will deliver the curriculum, added:  “Low and no calorie sweeteners are a vital tool in today’s formulation toolbox, especially with the heightened focus on developing great-tasting, healthier products with less sugar and calories. By sharing our product and application knowledge, we are working to help the industry create next generation products that address health challenges in society, delivering our purpose of Improving Lives for Generations.”