Learning never stops. In this spirit, the FRITSCH Academy was launched on July 1, 2020. The FRITSCH Academy provides training both in the classroom and online for employees and customers.

FRITSCH has been part of the MULTIVAC Group for one year now. With over 80 subsidiaries, its customers always have a contact person right in their area. Its aim is to offer fast and competent service from professionally trained employees. To ensure this, we continuously hold modular training courses at all of its subsidiaries. A systematic training program constantly drives growth in knowledge and experience, thus ensuring a uniform standard within the network worldwide. This allows customer concerns to be answered with a comprehensive, solution-oriented response.

The training concept is geared to three target groups. In application-specific courses, MULTIVAC service technicians receive simulated inquiries from first and second level support. In sales training courses, the trainers focus on content relating to the FRITSCH portfolio, the market and the competition. The customer training program focuses primarily on the technical handling of the machines and systems, such as operation, maintenance and cleaning.

Training courses can be held effectively in any location: as onsite training at its customers’ premises, at the FRITSCH World of Bakery, or online. The FRITSCH Academy hosts live events for interactively teaching the course content as well as for answering customers’ specific inquiries.

The FRITSCH Academy is directed by Stefan Schmitt. He has been with the company for over 30 years. Due to his longstanding experience in assembly, commissioning and customer service, he has deep knowledge of the FRITSCH portfolio and the industry as a whole. He is supported by Elke Döpfner, who draws from the wealth of experience she has gained from her sales activities in the Germany/Austria/Switzerland region.


New name for FRITSCH Technology Center

Every FRITSCH customer knows it and has experienced it at least once: The FRITSCH Technology Center (FTC). Now its new FTC under a new name emerges. A warm welcome to the “FRITSCH World of Bakery” (WoB).

In order to express how much the connection between first class technology and high value products mean to us at FRITSCH its FTC is as of now called “World of Bakery” (WoB). The new name is a symbol for the adventure while baking your products.

Everything has to do with producing the perfect baking goods. In fact the new name makes it clear that FITSCH covers the whole baking section. Starting with artisan bakers we also offer lines for the industrial section. FRITSCH is well known as a responsible partner when you are talking about high production quality and even optimizing your whole process.

Its dough technologists are always by your side. All of them are qualified master bakers or food technologists who have deepened their knowledge through vocational training or academic study. But the best education is their many years of practical experience, their daily contact with national and international products and their contact with customers from all over the world.

The team at the World of Bakery is led by Michael Gier. The master baker and food technologist has been with FRITSCH since 2006, and is known among many customers as a valuable advisor.