MULTIVAC has announced the acquisition of Germany-based FRITSCH Group, a leading supplier of baking equipment.

MULTIVAC is a worldwide provider of packaging solutions for numerous industries, including food, life science, healthcare and others. The FRITSCH Group excels in the development and manufacturing of baking equipment, especially in the proper handling and processing of raw dough. For nearly 100 years, companies both large and small, from industrial-sized bakeries to local artisan bakeries have relied on FRITSCH Group and its workforce of approximately 500 for its technologically sophisticated solutions.

The acquisition enables both companies to share engineering, technology and market strategies, and strengthens MULTIVAC’s global position as the go-to resource for complete production lines for the food industry.

“The purchase of FRITSCH Group is another important step for MULTIVAC in expanding our range of integrated solutions for processing and packaging food products,” said Christian Traumann, director and CFO, MULTIVAC Group. “Thanks to the processing solutions from FRITSCH, we will continue to extend our presence in the baking industry, where we have already been able in recent years to implement some very challenging projects for automated packaging solutions.”

FRITSCH Group’s German manufacturing facility will remain open indefinitely and be known as FRITSCH Bakery Technologies (FBT); FRITSCH equipment will be sold through MULTIVAC’s worldwide network.

MULTIVAC is committed to integrating the experience and expertise from the FRITSCH workforce seamlessly with its engineering/technical, supply chain and worldwide sales and service networks. FRITSCH equipment and spare parts supply lines will be available through MULTIVAC’s six US and Canadian customer service centers.

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