Company: NanoNord

Technology Snapshot: Tveskaeg is a materials analyzer capable of measuring the concentration of virtually any target molecule or compound at an atomic level. It has been adopted by most leading European savory snack manufacturers for measuring sodium content.

The instrument uses magnetic resonance technology, the same technology used in MRI Scanners in medicine. Samples are inserted into a magnetic field in the instrument and radio pulses are transmitted into the sample at the resonant frequency of the target element. This causes the nuclei of the target to “vibrate” generating a resonance. The amplitude of this resonance counts the atoms of the target. The instrument can be programmed to measure different parameters. The operator simply selects the parameter they wish measure from a list on the display on the front of the instrument and presses the “Go” button. In a couple of minutes, the measurement value is displayed.

  • Accurate fast measurement (typically 2 minutes for sodium)
  • Measurement results unaffected by sample matrix effects
  • No chemicals or reagents required
  • Ease of use
  • Robust build for factory environment requiring minimal maintenance and no re-calibration