Company: Herr Foods Inc.


Introduced: January 2021

Distribution: National

Suggested Retail Price: $0.50-$4.29

Product Snapshot: Herr’s is bringing the heat to the chilly winter season by introducing two brand new, fiery snacks that deliver big flavor. The Pennsylvania-based Herr Foods Inc., maker of Herr’s potato chips and many other snacks, is launching its Herr’s Fire Ridged Potato Chips and Herr’s Fire Cheese Curls in January.

Both Herr’s Fire Ridged Potato Chips and Herr’s Fire Cheese Curls immediately provide the burning sensation expected from spicy foods, but in a unique, flavorful heat experience. The fiery sensation is balanced by savory and sweet notes that are essential in supplying the most delicious heat adventure available in a spicy, salty snack.

“Consumers continue to demand a range of hot and spicy snacks, and our new Herr’s Fire potato chips and cheese curls definitely deliver the heat,” said Bob Clark, Herr’s VP of marketing. “They each exhibit the kind of memorable flavor profiles that Herr’s is known for, so that the flavor complements the heat level to provide a fully satisfying, spicy snack experience.”

The development of Herr’s Fire chips and cheese curls also led the company to another heat-related innovation: it will soon start rolling out unified ”heat meter” branding on its packaging, so that consumers can easily choose between mild, medium or hot heat in many other Herr’s snack products, too.

Look for new Herr’s Fire chips and cheese curls wherever Herr’s snacks are sold, and online at The package sizes and suggested retail pricing are:

  • Herr’s Fire Ridged Potato Chips: 1 oz. for $0.50, 2.75 oz. bag for $1.89, 9 oz. bag for $4.29.
  • Herr's Fire Cheese Curls: 1 oz. for $0.50, 3 oz. bag for $1.89, 7.5 oz. bag for $3.69.

Family-owned Herr’s is celebrating its 75th year during 2021. For more about Herr’s, the nation's largest privately-held snack producer, visit