Company: Ferrara

Introduced: January 2021

Distribution: National

Product Snapshot: Starting in January 2021, Ferrara—in partnership with Ferrero—expanded its cookies portfolio in the specialty cookies category.

Ferrara will distribute a European favorite, Delacre Fine Belgian Assorted Cookies, to the U.S. market, and will also reposition the iconic Royal Dansk Danish Butter Cookies, known for their signature blue tin. 

Both brands have been holiday favorites in the specialty cookies category in Europe and U.S. markets. With the recent brand responsibility, Ferrara is going beyond the holidays to leverage the power of the brands to expand and reposition them for everyday enjoyment throughout the year. 

Highlights of Ferrara’s plans include: 

  • Delacre, the No. 1 fine cookie brand in France and Belgium, will see investment levels like never before in the segment as Ferrara brings it to the U.S. market. 
  • Two Delacre packs will be positioned for everyday eating: The Tentation Chocolat assortment and a Marquisette single-flavor carton. 
  • Royal Dansk will introduce a new 8-ounce everyday box in efforts to expand the brand beyond seasonal usage to everyday snacking. 
  • Royal Dansk will introduce special Spring packaging for Easter 2021, including Spring cookies with unique flavors, Citrus Lavender and Salted Caramel, in addition to its signature butter cookie recipe.