Viñas Machinery and Robotray Automation Systems are pleased to announce the collaboration agreement that they recently signed.

Both companies, with extensive experience in the bakery sector, with more than two decades of specific collaborations, have decided to take a further step in their relationship and officially collaborate in both the US and in Europe.

With this collaboration agreement, the companies put their know-how at the disposal of their customers, covering all the production processes within baking, with the exception of baking ovens.

The company, located in Barcelona, ​​with more than 20 years in the bakery sector, is dedicated to the manufacture of machinery for confectionery and the bakery industry. Robotray Automation, located in Miami with more than 20 years in the sector, is specialized in the design and manufacture of automation systems for bakery production processes.

The mutual knowledge of Robotray and Viñas Machinery dates back to the end of the 90s. Two companies with a similar philosophy and method. Both dedicated to the manufacture of machines that offer solutions, both modular and customized, with very powerful engineering.

This union wil bring both companies closer to their customers by offering visits to the facilities of BakeryCorp, Robotray's bakery in the US, with the new U.S.A. Viñas product lab, where a line for the production of Viñas bread will always be available to test its operation with the client's own ingredients. In the same way, visits can be made to Viñas ProductLab in Barcelona to test the Robotray machines.

In addition, they will hold transcontinental conferences or round tables to bring together different companies in the sector (ovens, cold, fermentation, etc.) and will invite those clients who want to find out about the latest trends to prepare for the future.

Visit Viñas here, and Robotray Automation here.