Company: SOUND Nutrition


Introduced: March 2021

Distribution: National

Suggested Retail Price: $24.00, $72.00

Product Snapshot: SOUND Nutrition is shaking up the existing $605 billion global snack market with the introduction of the company’s flagship product, SOUND Bites: one of the first snacks that reimagines convenient, healthy eating, delivering physical and mental energy with a taste-good, feel-good, do-good experience. These satisfying, oval-shaped bites are made using premium-quality, natural ingredients and a patented process that uses ultrasonics, or sound waves—a first for the food industry—to preserve vital nutrients, develop flavor and create the signature texture of SOUND Bites, all aimed to promote wellness through functional snacking.

“When it comes to snacking, there is typically a compromise regarding nutrition and great taste. At SOUND, we believe that healthy eating and enjoyable snacking can be one and the same,” said Don Dillon, founder and CEO of SOUND Nutrition. “SOUND Bites embody a transformative experience, made possible through a premium, clean snack that helps the difference-makers of the world live their lives to the fullest—today and in the future.”

In creating these healthful and wholesome, or “health-some,” snacks, SOUND delivers on the consumer need for a clean-label, nutritious snack that doesn’t sacrifice taste and helps them achieve their personal goals. Offering a marked departure from a traditional bar or mix, SOUND encourages consumers to redefine the role of snacking in their lives. Unlike most snacks, SOUND Bites provide a balanced ratio of nutritional ingredients that both satisfies hunger between meals and creates a feel-good, post-consumption experience around consumers’ physical and mental wellness. This experience includes:

  • Satiation without feeling overly full or lethargic
  • A “clean burn,” or a higher level of mental clarity that results from eating premium, natural snacks without artificial, over-processed ingredients
  • Sustained physical energy, conducive to more active lifestyles
  • Confidence in making a “health-some,” nutritious snacking choice for more healthy eating

This wellness-driven, post-consumption experience is achieved through the first-ever use of ultrasonics, or sound waves, in the food industry. SOUND Bites are created using high-frequency, low-amplitude sound waves to gently vibrate real, high-quality ingredients, such as whole egg crystals and real cacao, into the snacks’ shape and form—in a fraction of a second, without the use of high heat – to preserve the nutritional integrity of the snack.

These sound waves also develop the unique flavor and texture of SOUND Bites. While each individual flavor of SOUND Bite differs slightly in texture, with varying levels of moistness, density and chewiness, all SOUND Bites have a rich, buttery mouthfeel that melts away with a clean finish. SOUND Bites are developed with four guiding elements – substance, texture, taste and flavor – to create a healthy, enjoyable eating experience and are available in four flavors at launch:

  • Vanilla Lime – A bright, tangy chorus of lime and cream cheese that creates a flavor similar to cheesecake, with a smooth, airy texture and mouthfeel.
  • Mocha – A bitter, rich and sweet ensemble of flavors delivered by real coffee and cacao ingredients, with a moderately dense body, smooth chew and long finish.
  • Chocolate Raspberry – A sweet and tart melody, lightly dense, building up to a crescendo of real raspberry and a smooth, clean mouthfeel.
  • Coconut Surprise – Nutty, tropical and mildly sweet, a laid-back rhapsody of delicious flavors and fresh coconut pieces resulting in a fluffy, chewy bite.

“As we set out to develop our SOUND Bites, we really started from scratch by asking ourselves, ‘How can we use this incredible technology to create a completely new segment in the snacking category?’” said Dillon. “Similarly, we are encouraging consumers to stop and ask themselves that same question—‘How can snacks impact my life?’ We have built SOUND Bites on a more purposeful approach to snacking, one that not only satisfies hunger and tastes good, but also tunes the mind, body and soul.”

SOUND Bites from SOUND Nutrition are available for purchase now at SOUND Bites contain two oval-shaped bites per pack (30g for each bite), and each pack is available for order in a case of 12 priced at $72. At launch, SOUND is offering a sample case called the Sampler EP, which includes four SOUND Bites packs featuring one of each of its launch flavors and is available for a limited time at $24.

To learn more, visit, or find the new snack brand on Instagram at @SOUNDSnacks, Facebook at @ and Twitter at @SOUND_Snacks.