The California Raisin Marketing Board recently released a new white paper which outlines the functional benefits and opportunities for California-grown raisins and raisin ingredients as a refined sugar replacer in baked goods. The new white paper uncovers how California Raisins deliver benefits in food manufacturing and foodservice applications when leveraged as a refined sugar replacer.

In tested recipes, like Vegan Spiced Oatmeal Raisin Cookies, California Raisins were found to be a viable sugar replacer yielding desirable texture and flavor results. Plus, compared to the control formula with 100 percent refined sugar, the formulas with California Raisin paste saw reduced declared added sugar, reduced total sugars, an increase in potassium, and a slight reduction in overall calories.

“California Raisins are naturally sweet with no added sugars, making them a strong replacement for both refined sugars and other sugars that must be declared on the Nutrition Facts Panel,” said Tim Kenny, vice president of marketing at the California Raisin Marketing Board. “Whole raisins and raisin paste do not need to be declared as added sugar, and as a whole fruit, raisins contain unrefined sugars and dietary fiber that make them a nutritious ingredient with numerous uses in product development and culinary applications.”

The California Raisin industry offers a variety of raisins and raisin ingredients that are suitable for food manufacturing and foodservice applications. Sweetened naturally by the sun, California Raisins are a shelf- stable ingredient that can be used in a variety of applications across breads, cereals, desserts, sauces, beverages and snacks.

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