Snack Food & Wholesale Bakery was recently able to talk to Elliot Huss, CEO, Veggies Made Great, about how the company is making veggies more accessible, and its new keto line.

Liz Parker: How is Veggies Made Great making veggies more accessible?

Elliot Huss: The number one ingredient in every product we make, both sweet and savory, is vegetables. Whether you love veggies or don’t love them yet, we have something you’re going to enjoy. Our mission at Veggies Made Great is to inspire people to love eating veggies by creating convenient, high-quality, remarkably delicious, veggie-rich foods made from simple ingredients.

Some of our products are made with “disguised” veggies, like the zucchini and carrots in our Double Chocolate Muffins, that make it easier for people who might not love veggies to get more of them into their diets. Then we have products where the vegetables are the highlight, like the spinach and roasted red peppers in our Spinach Egg White Frittatas, which are great for people who love their vegetables but might not have the time to stop and do all the prep when they’re getting out of the house on a busy morning. Veggies Made Great makes it easy for people to enjoy more vegetables in their diets either way.

Our foods inspire people to make healthier, nutritious choices for themselves and their families.

LP: What inspired your new keto line?

EH: Our customers! We kept hearing from our loyal customer base that they were looking for lower sugar, lower carb, higher protein products they could feel good about incorporating into their diet. 

Not only do our new keto-friendly muffins check all the boxes for those on a keto diet, they also have veggies as the number one ingredient, which is an added benefit that no other brand has. Our keto-friendly muffins come in Mochaccino Chip, Chocolate Raspberry, and Cinnamon Roll [flavors].

LP: Any new products on the horizon for 2022?

EH: Veggies Made Great is always looking to innovate, expand our offerings and become a brand that carries people throughout the day—breakfast, snacks, entrees, etc. We want Veggies Made Great to be seen as an “any occasion” brand. 

One very popular favorite for lunch, dinner, or snack time is pizza, so we are creating something completely new in the pizza bite space with our upcoming line of Stuffed Cauliflower Bites. The veggie-forward pizza bites will offer a healthier version that offers consumers all the indulgence without the guilt. Flavors include Spinach & Ricotta, Margherita, Mushroom & Swiss with Caramelized Onion and Roasted Vegetable, & 4 Cheese Blend.

In the past five years, Veggies Made Great has included over 22 million pounds of vegetables in our products, and we plan on doubling that in the next five years. We want to continue to find ways for consumers to enjoy eating vegetables, in any format and for any occasion!