Ahead of National OREO Day (March 6, 2022) the data science team at Pattern tracked consumer demand (or the number of people shopping for a given item during a given period) on Amazon during every day of 2021 to determine which OREO flavor was America’s favorite. 

They found that Original Flavor Oreos had 679% more demand than the next most demanded flavor: Lady Gaga OREOs. Original Flavor held 55% more demand than the rest of the field (including Golden OREOs, Mint OREOs, etc.) combined. 

Additional findings from the study:

  • Red Velvet OREOs see a 44% increase in monthly demand, respectively, during February, likely thanks to Valentine’s Day.
  • Mint OREOssee their demand peak during March with a 21% increase over the monthly average—thank you, St. Patrick’s Day.
  • Fudge-Covered OREOs see a 75% jump in demand during December, likely boosted by holiday festivities. 

To take a deeper dive into which OREO flavors see demand when (including charts), take a look at the full analysis here.