Fleet Advantage is recognizing National Transportation Week (May 16-22) by helping raise awareness of critical issues in our nation’s transportation network. The company has released an educational video to help transportation fleets understand how a comprehensive Fleet Modernization Plan can improve their overall operations and lower their Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). Click here to view the video.  

From May 16-22, the transportation community will celebrate National Transportation Week (NTW). Congress first designated NTW more than 30 years ago to draw public attention to transportation issues. NTW is an opportunity to sponsor community events, conduct outreach to schools, and work with the media to increase public awareness of transportation and to educate the public about transportation issues. The slogan for this year's program is "Transportation: Taking You Where You Want To Go!" The public awareness themes are safety, economic competitiveness, and quality of life. 

As part of its Asset Management solutions, Fleet Advantage conducts a Fleet Modernization Study to directly address these areas and provides recommendations for cost savings by extracting the fuel, maintenance, and mileage data directly from the tractor's on-board computer via its proprietary interface. The study analyzes a multitude of data points including your fleet’s performance and utilization and current cost per mile (CPM), factoring in depreciation, finance, maintenance, repair, and used truck values. Each of these areas are critical in promoting better safety, economic competitiveness, and quality of life for drivers and other motorists. 

The studies also include certified greenhouse gas emissions metrics, plus an implementation plan with forecasted cost savings. These upgrade cycles help fleets remain competitive by operating at the lowest TCO, while improving driver recruitment and retention efforts by offering safe, reliable equipment that helps drivers return home to their families each night.  

“Trucks and transportation remain critically important as the lifeblood of the American economy, and we salute the efforts of raising more awareness during National Transportation Week,” said Brian Antonellis, CTP, senior vice president of fleet operations at Fleet Advantage. “Our industry pioneering Fleet Modernization Studies are an important part of our efforts to drive America’s businesses forward by working with fleets to ensure they are operating the most efficient and safety-forward trucks possible.” 

To learn more or receive a Fleet Modernization Study, call 954-615-4400 or visit https://www.fleetadvantage.com/contact.