Company: Linde

Equipment Snapshot: Linde announced that the company will exhibit at IBIE, the International Baking Industry Exhibition, in Las Vegas, September 18–21, 2022. Linde will exhibit in booth 1872 in the new west hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Two Linde cryogenic freezing systems and the company’s flour and dry ingredient cooling system will be on display in the exhibit. For freezing, the CRYOLINE UPS ultra-performance spiral freezer features an improved airflow scheme with uniform cooling and heat transfer efficiency that delivers increased production in a small footprint. The CRYOLINE CST cryosaver tunnel freezer is an in-line freezer featuring an innovative belt orientation that contributes to lower operating costs when compared to traditional cryogenic freezers.

The ACCU-CHILL IC flour and dry ingredient injection cooling system utilizes either traditional carbon dioxide cooling or a new liquid nitrogen system introduced by Linde. Reducing the temperature of silo-stored ingredients during pneumatic transit of the products produces the desired final ingredient temperature prior to dough make-up. An animated display of the process featuring different temperature scenarios will be on display to booth visitors.

 “To meet the demanding needs of temperature-controlled processing, each Linde freezer and injection cooling system can provide the flexibility our customers seek to meet the production requirements of their customers,” said Chris Johnson, business development director for Linde. “Linde freezing systems and cryogen injection processes provide consistent, reproducible performance in production capacity, cryogen use efficiency, and space utilization.”

Visitors to the Linde booth will be able to interact with food applications experts from Linde to discuss the company’s full line of freezing, chilling, and cooling systems. These offerings utilize direct cryogen application for freezing or chilling of almost any food product and in-line injection cooling for dry and liquid ingredients like flour and for liquid food products like cooked fruit fillings.