Frito-Lay is launching three brand-new flavors and bringing back a classic fan favorite this fall. The products include:

  • Cheetos Bolitas: Making its U.S. debut this fall, Cheetos Bolitas pack a chile and cheese punch into bite-sized balls with a soft, crunchy texture that was only available in Mexico until now. Suggested retail prices (SRPs) are $0.59 (0.875-oz. bag); $2.29 (2.375-oz.); $3.49 (6-oz.); and $5.19 (7-oz.).
  • SunChips Black Bean: SunChips introduces its new Black Bean flavor with two varieties: Spicy Jalapeño and Southwestern Queso. The tang of jalapeño peppers sizzles in SunChips Black Bean Spicy Jalapeño, while SunChips Black Bean Southwestern Queso brings the zest of chipotle peppers paired with creamy queso. Made with real black beans, whole grains, and with no artificial flavors, SunChips Black Bean is a good source of fiber. SRP: $4.19.
  • PopCorners Cinnamon Crunch: PopCorners Cinnamon Crunch pairs cinnamon and brown sugar with PopCorners’ signature always air-popped and never fried crunch. SRP: $4.29.
  • Fritos BBQ: The fan-favorite snack is back! Fritos BBQ adds a tangy twist to the classic corn chip that’s been showing up at family gatherings, on dinner tables, and beyond for 90 years. SRPs are $0.50 (1-oz. bag); $2.29 (3.5-oz.); and $5.19 (9.25-oz.).