Wow, it’s good to be back. 
As former managing editor of Candy Industry Magazine, I have been off working on a sister publication called Food Engineering for the last couple years, hoping and praying I would eventually get back to the best job in the world. And now, finally, here I am — the new editor of Candy Industry
I couldn’t be more thrilled.
Of course, it’s bittersweet, because if I’m here that means Bernie Pacyniak is officially done. And none of us really want that. He did what he could while he was still around to instill in me all his great wisdom, though. Like never take a domestic flight with a connection. Pace yourself with the candy samples. And most of all, always cover what our readers want to know about — the people, the processes and the products in the confectionery industry. 
I have no plans to replace him because that would be impossible. All I can do is my best to live up to the standards he set for this magazine and hope you keep following along on our journey.
I bring with me a background in newspaper journalism, specifically political coverage. I also have an affinity for some things Bernie never got into very much, such as cell phones (I have two and an iPad) and social media (I have Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram and LinkedIn). 
I’ve also spent the last couple years getting a crash course in processing while writing for Food Engineering — learning the specifics of things such as FSMA, sanitary design and packaging technology. And on a personal note, I’m slightly obsessed with makeup tutorials on YouTube, Paris and Taco Bell — like I said, I’m not a Bernie Copy. 
I wouldn’t even dare try to be. 
I can’t wait to see what the coming months and years bring as I reacquaint myself with all the amazing people in the confectionery industry. I have to confess, I have missed all those delicious candy samples! 
I promise to do my best to make this a magazine worth reading, but I also hope I’ll make it a magazine worth watching and listening to, as we work to incorporate even more video and possibly podcasts into the publication.
And I also promise to always take your feedback seriously. You can reach me anytime at
Now excuse me, because I have to enjoy my old breakfast favorite that I’m finally allowed to eat again in the name of work — a Snickers bar and a cup of espresso. Bon appétit!