No one knows cocoa, chocolate, compound coatings and other confectionery ingredients better than ADM Cocoa. With its experience and advantages of scale, customers find it’s simply easier and more rewarding to do business with the company.

To get the best from one’s products, chocolate makers need to use the finest ingredients. Companies can take their confectionery creations to the next level by using real Belgian chocolate from deZaan. Available in creamy milk, intense dark and white varieties, deZaan easy-melt chocolate wafers will give products the flavor profile that only authentic Belgian chocolate can deliver.

ADM Cocoa also offers a broad range of other cocoa, chocolate and compound coating products, all produced with the quality and consistency only the world’s premiere cocoa and chocolate manufacturer can provide.

ADM Cocoa is able to source the world for cocoa beans, providing custom blends of cocoa that meet the highest standards for taste and quality. The company can deliver in various flavors, colors, fineness and melting points, for companies large and small.

At IFT, stop by booth 2020; also visit




Almond Board of California 

Visit Almond Board of California (ABC) at booth 1623 during the IFT Food Expo to experience countless ways to formulate with consumers’ top choice ingredient nut in key product categories worldwide.1,2  Pick up the latest industry information and research, and sample innovative almond product concepts prepared live daily by Research Chef John Csukor.

ABC also will sponsor two sessions on the IFT Meeting agenda: Sustainability Full Circle: Where Food Quality, Safety and Healthfulness Intersect with Environmental Consciousness to Meet Consumer Expectations (Tuesday, June 26 at 1:30 p.m.) and Leveraging the Glycemia and Digestion Properties of Wholesome Ingredients as an Effective Aid for Consumers to Manage Their Middles (Thursday, June 28 at 1:15 p.m.).

[1]2011 North American Consumer Attitudes, Awareness, & Usage Survey, Sterling-Rice Group.

[2]2010 Jane Ingredient Why, Sterling-Rice Group.

At IFT, stop by booth 1623; also visit



A.M. Todd, a division of Wild Flavors

For 143 years, A.M. Todd, now a division of Wild Flavors, has stood for resourcefulness in agriculture, flavor technology, and product development. Three distinct but complementary core competencies characterize its capabilities:


Mint Ingredient/Flavors used in the confections, gum and oral care industries

Organic Ingredients/Flavors supplied to the ready-to-drink tea, juice and alcoholic beverage industries

Functional Ingredients/Flavors providing botanically based products and bio-actives for the dietary supplement and functional food industries as well as for health and wellness products.

At IFT, stop by the Wild Flavors booth, 401, or visit



Fortitech, Inc.

Known for its innovative approach to the development and manufacture of custom nutrient premixes, Fortitech is the one-stop source for food, beverage and pharmaceutical manufacturers looking to fortification as a way to differentiate their products in the consumer marketplace. 

During IFT 2012, visitors to the company’s booth will have the opportunity to see firsthand why Fortitech has pioneered, perfected and continues to advance custom fortification and product development with a variety of nutrient-rich samples. 

With the ability to custom-formulate any application with any nutrient anywhere in the world, attendees will have the opportunity to sample a variety of condition-specific samples.  These samples will address the areas of weight management, relaxation, overall wellness and ‘over-indulgence’ from a night out on the town in Las Vegas.

At IFT, stop by booth 1911, or visit




Visit the Ingredion booth 1211 at this year’s IFT Food Expo in Las Vegas, June 26-28 to learn through prototypes and demonstrations how the company can help food formulators and manufacturers address some of the most important issues and trends facing the industry.

·        Cost efficiencies

·        Sugar and fat reduction

·        Nutritional enhancement

·        Clean label

·        International food trends

The company’s broad portfolio of nutritive and non-nutritive sweeteners, specialty starches and nutritional ingredients will be featured in a savory menu produced by our outstanding team of “culinologists,” who will be conducting live demonstrations throughout the show.

They will be making healthy gluten-free breakfast items in the morning and zesty Mid-Eastern and African-inspired soups and entrees during the rest of the day.

Visitors to the booth will also enjoy a selection of dairy desserts, beverages and baked goods.

At IFT, stop by booth 1211  or visit



ROHA Food Colors

ROHA Food Colors is a leading global manufacturer of certified (FD&C) and exempt (Natural) colors for the food & beverage, personal care and pharmaceutical industries. We focus on providing our customers with complete support for color matching, shelf life and stability issues, logistics as well as latest legislative and regulatory compliance issues.

With our own offices and customer service locations in 15 countries, we provide local services to our customers on a global basis.

Natracol natural exempt food colors are obtained from a variety of herbs, spices, vegetables and minerals. Colors are available in liquid and powder forms.

Idacol certified water-soluble synthetic dyes for food applications are available in various forms — free flowing powder, pre-dissolved liquid colors and reduced dust granular forms. All colors are FD&C-approved.

ROHA FD&C lake pigments include a full spectrum of insoluble color pigments for food applications.

At IFT, stop by by booth 2707 or visit




Roquette is one of the world’s most advanced producers of starch and starch derivatives by transforming renewable resources — such as corn, wheat, potatoes and peas — into an extensive line of high quality ingredients for a wide range of food and non-food industries throughout the world. The company is also a leading expert in polyols, pyrogen-free raw materials and dry sweeteners.

As a leading global manufacturer of healthy ingredients and solutions for markets such as confectionary and chocolate, baked goods, fruit products, dairy products and savory snacks as well as dietary supplements, Roquette prides itself on “Offering the Best of Nature.”

Nutralys  pea proteins are functional vegetable proteins with an outstanding nutritional value.

Nutriosesoluble fiber has great taste and texture, aids in sugar and fat reduction, provides extended energy release, fiber enrichment to optimum levels, has a high digestive tolerance and features ease of use for innovation or reformulation.

SweetPearlmaltitol is a sugar-free bulk sweetener and is used in formulations to easily replace sucrose. In food applications, it is virtually as sweet as sucrose and offers the same useful functionalities – bulk, texture, mouth feel and shelf-stability.

The Roquette group has production sites in Europe, Asia and North America while marketing its products in more than 100 countries.

At IFT, stop by booths 1759 and 1961; also visit