Chip Cookies, the original gourmet cookie delivery company, and Salt Lake City celebrity Heather Gay have released a limited time holiday flavor, the "Naughty Elf Cookie."

A longtime friend of both the Chip Cookies brand and its co-founder, Sarah Wilson, the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City star, felt that now is the perfect time to become more vocal about her role in uplifting other female entrepreneurs. Gay and Wilson are now working together this holiday season on the release of the limited time holiday flavor. With Chip Cookies being a Utah-owned small business, this is not the first time nor the last that Heather Gay and the brand will be partnering together. 

Available at all Chip Cookies locations and through nationwide shipping from Dec. 15–22, this gourmet cocoa chip cookie is stuffed with white chocolate chips, drizzled with sweetened condensed milk, and topped with a creamy whipped topping and crushed peppermint. The suggested retail price is $4.00–$5.00 depending on store.