Butter Buds has released a new white paper, titled Real Dairy for Real Results. Free to download, the resource provides insight into the steady demand for real dairy products amid the rise in popularity of dairy alternatives with shoppers. It also includes information on how Butter Buds clean-label, organic solutions can help manufacturers overcome challenges related to real dairy.

According to a recent Mintel Report on the U.S. milk and non-dairy milk market, 50% of consumers buy real dairy products and 38% of consumers enjoy real dairy along with their alternative dairy purchases. In addition, the global dairy market was projected at a 5.2% Compound Annual Growth Rate over the forecast period of 2022–2027.  

“Despite the rise in demand for dairy alternatives and plant-based dairy substitutes, real dairy ingredients continue to be popular with many consumers,” says Michael Ivey, national sales director, Butter Buds. “Real dairy has remained successful due to its flavor, versatility and the opportunities it offers for clean label and organic applications. At Butter Buds, our real dairy products are ideal solutions to help manufacturers achieve excellent flavor and functionality. They are also easy to incorporate into formulations and offer great cost optimization, since they are used at low usage rates. We can also work with customers’ existing products, to determine the best ingredient solution and dosage level, to save time and costs in formulations.”

Butter Buds real dairy ingredients add flavor and mouthfeel to a variety of food applications, while also improving texture with the ability to mask off-flavors and round out harsh notes. Also, according to the company, because Butter Buds products are made with real butterfat, they provide 80 times the flavor and strength of real butter, which translates to better flavor and cost optimization through lower usage rates. 

“Our real dairy solutions can provide unique flavor profiles and functionality made possible by leveraging the real dairy attributes, such as rich flavor and creamy mouthfeel,” adds Ivey. “We can also help formulators create lower-fat applications that retain the flavor and great taste of their full-fat counterparts when incorporating our dairy flavor concentrates.”

The new white paper highlights the latest market insights and how Butter Buds solutions can help customers achieve better flavor and better texture, while creating a better label at the same time. Key takeaways include:

  • Consumer insights and demand for real dairy 
  • How identification of the appropriate dairy specialty ingredient for applications can overcome challenges and offer lower costs
  • Benefits of Butter Buds real dairy ingredients, providing functionality and flavor that meets customer requirements
  • How Butter Buds can create an exact solution for product reformulation