With Lunar New Year coming up, Sugar Bowl Bakery, America’s largest minority-owned bakery on a mission to bring people joy through food, announced the relaunch of its limited-time Mango Cake Bites in celebration of Lunar New Year. The fruity bites are back by popular demand and will be available for purchase at Costco locations nationwide for a limited time.

The Lunar New Year is an important day to the Sugar Bowl Bakery family because it represents a day of celebration for many Asian countries encouraging them to come together and celebrate by offering a variety of food to their friends and family. As one of the many traditions of this holiday, it is customary to display round, plump fruits like mangoes, tangerines and oranges on the table to symbolize a sweet new year.

Sugar Bowl Bakery, which was founded by five immigrant brothers from Vietnam, have remained focused on their mission of bringing consumers the most delicious baked goods imaginable. Kevin Ly, also an award-winning pastry chef, loves to come up with unique offerings inspired by traditional Asian flavors, and the Mango Cakes are a bite-sized, celebratory sweet treat.