Since 1997, good2grow has been quenching the thirst of little consumers with juice drinks, milk, and water, packaged in colorful bottles topped with familiar movie and cartoon characters. Now, with the recent launch of its Snackers single-serve snack packages, the brand has entered new territory outside the beverage realm.

To learn more about the producer’s foray into children’s snacks, Snack Food & Wholesale Bakery spoke with Edzra Gibson, vice president of brand marketing with good2grow.

Jenni Spinner: Could you share a bit about the history of good2grow—how you’ve got started, the growth trajectory since you’ve hit the scene, and the consumers you’ve resonated with?

Edzra Gibson: good2grow began as a family-owned business just over 25 years ago, focused on providing fun and nutrition through kids' beverages with licensed character tops. Since then, we’ve expanded to several beverage lines (including juice, milk, and water) and just recently launched our first food product, good2grow Snackers. Our products are sold in hundreds of thousands of retailers across the U.S., including Walmart, Walgreens, and Target.

The consumers we resonate the most with are parents with kids between the ages of two and six. They love the reusability, mess-control packaging, and nutritional profile of our products, and their kids love our products’ taste and the hundreds of characters they can collect. Our retail partners love that our innovation provides incremental growth to the category and our licensed partners enjoy our potential to extend their ‘always-on’ promotions and new characters through the unique channel of grocery and convenience store products.

JS: Please share your view of the kids’ snack and beverage market. How have the offerings (and the demand for them) evolved in recent years?

EG: The kids’ snack and beverage market has followed the macro trend of providing healthier content options for families with children. Traditional and new players are adapting to this change as consumers increasingly gravitate toward healthier options. However, the functionality and excitement of the packaging in the kids’ snack and beverage categories have largely remained stagnant. good2grow differentiates itself by offering families all three attributes they are seeking in a kids’ item today: healthier, functional packaging, and fun! Our focus in these three areas has driven demand for our brand over the years, giving us more opportunities to expand into new retail channels and launch products in new and existing categories.

JS: Please tell me the thought process behind expanding your line with a totally new product—why now, and why does going into snacks make sense for the brand?

EG: Our core consumers have been asking us to extend the brand into the food category and other beverage categories. More recently, independent consumer studies and conversations with our closest retail partners also reinforced the opportunity for new, disruptive innovation in the kids’ snacking category.

JS: You point out the brand is more than just the beverage (and now, the snack). What more is there to good2grow?

EG: Due to the undeniable appeal of our licensed tops and our Collectors Club app, good2grow is equal parts affordable toy and a consumable. Our most engaged consumers collected hundreds of characters over multiple years creating a long-lasting experience for the entire family and keeps them smiling well beyond our first touchpoint.

JS: Could you please describe the package?

EG: good2grow Snackers are sold in 2-ounce, single-serve packages and topped with reclosable and reusable lids featuring kids' favorite characters from Disney, Nickelodeon, Hasbro, Comcast Universal, and more.

JS: How will you sell the Snackers—in single units, or will multi-packs be available?

EG: We are launching the product in single units to start and focusing on expanding distribution of that format for the immediate future. As good2grow Snackers mature, we will be in a better position to evaluate future product innovation.

JS: What might you have planned for the future for good2grow—if you can, please tell us about plans to add products, expand into new markets, and anything else might have in the works.

EG: In the near term, we focus on increasing availability of all good2grow products in traditional and non-traditional retail channels (i.e. airports, family fun centers, etc). Our product is primarily purchased as an impulse item and consumed shortly after purchase, which allows various channels and ways to merchandise our food and beverages.

JS: Is there anything else?

EG: Snackers are currently available at select regional retailers including Meijer, GIANT, and Stop & Shop, with national distribution slated for spring 2023. Retailers and character tops for national distribution will be announced soon once details are finalized.

good2grow is now a food and beverage company, and we’re consistently innovating in the industry with products like Snackers and enhancements to our Collectors App. At good2grow, we make smiles.