Pringles, a Kellogg-owned brand, has put a twist on its flavors, as well as its potato-based crisps. Pringles Harvest Blends is a new collection featuring two new ingredients: multigrain and sweet potato. The products feature a blend of ingredients and crispy, crunchy texture for a complex tasting experience. The new collection of potato-based crisps is available in four flavor varieties:

  • Pringles Harvest Blends Multigrain Farmhouse Cheddar: multigrain infused base, black bean, and toasted sweet grains blend with creamy aged cheddar and a hint of salt to create a farmhouse crisp of cheddar cheese goodness.
  • Pringles Harvest Blends Multigrain Homestyle Ranch: The taste and texture of toasted grains and black bean delivers an extra bold crunch to the multigrain infused base, elevated with the classic taste of creamy, zesty ranch.
  • Pringles® Harvest Blends Sweet Potato Sea Salt: The natural sweetness of the sweet potato infused base blends with sea-salt granules creating a balance of salty, savory and subtly sweet flavor.
  • Pringles Harvest Blends Sweet Potato Smoky BBQ: BBQ flavor blends with the sweetness from the sweet potato infused base to create a smoky savory flavor.

"From our classic favorites to our sizzling Scorchin' collection, Pringles fans have long enjoyed our great taste and insanely accurate flavors," says Mauricio Jenkins, US marketing lead for Pringles. "With our new Pringles Harvest Blends collection, we're ecstatic to bring our fans an elevated tasting experience, one that is both familiar with the bold flavors our fans know and love, and completely unique with its irresistibly crunchy texture and flavorful blends of sweet potato and multigrain."

Pringles Harvest Blends will be available at retailers nationwide starting in June.

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