Meritech is adding new features to its CleanTech Automated Handwashing Stations, called Evo. CleanTech Evo Stations continue to use patented automated hand washing technology from Meritech that has reportedly revolutionized hand hygiene for the past 35 years. The next evolution of CleanTech includes intuitive sensors, state-of-the-art solution cartridges, and a full-color interactive display to help enhance the automated hand wash that is effective, easy to use, and environmentally sustainable.

The CleanTech Evo line consists of four systems that are all produced at Meritech's Colorado HQ: the Evo One which is a free-standing single station system, the Evo Wall which is a wall mounted system, the Evo Three which is a high-throughput triple-station system, and the Evo In-Counter which is a system that fits into an existing countertop. The Evo systems can be configured with additional Evo Enhancements such as footwear sanitizing pans and a controlled access turnstile.

“EVO is the result of a two-year effort by our talented and dedicated team to develop the next evolution of our hand washing technology," says David Duran, chief executive officer. “Our goal with this new generation of systems is to increase the depth of our engagement with the user, improving the experience, driving higher levels of hygiene compliance and minimizing our environmental impact.”   

CleanTech Evo is the world’s only automated handwashing station clinically proven to remove more than 99.9% of pathogens with each hand wash. The stations have two cylinders with 40 nozzles each that rotate around the hands during the 12 seconds automated hand wash, whisking away harmful pathogens.  

Intuitive sensors on the CleanTech Evo systems ensure that the temperature, flow, pressure, and overall water conditions are ideal for the highest level of compliance and efficacy. There’s also zero touch points or cross-contamination between users thanks to a photo-eye sensor and closed-loop drainage system. The recyclable materials used in the CleanTech Evo solutions cartridges not only help in reducing landfill waste but also contribute to a sustainable environment. Additionally, the new display screen features an interactive countdown timer for users and a compliance monitoring screen that offers detailed usage data at different intervals.

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