Take a look at the latest in distribution, potato chip and bulk ingredient systems that streamline almost any bakery and snack operation.

tna released the newest member of itsroflo 3 transfer and distribution system, the tnaroflo 3 (cw). The stainless steel design meets an International Protection 67 rating, which offers complete washed down functionality without the removal of any parts, including guarding or components, and significantly reduces downtime for cleaning, maintenance and changeovers. The entire system is accessible and resistant to pressure cleaning with caustic and acid solutions. Additionally, the tnaroflo 3 (cw)can produce zero product breakage and is reversible, through software, in a stand-alone application.
tna North America
Coppell, Texas

Heat and Control’s Universal Potato Chip (UPC) system can create hard-bit kettle, traditional-style, plantain, malanga, multigrain and other snacks. The UPC uses independent fryer modules that are integrated into one compact, continuous frying system. Operators can adjust the frying time, temperature and oil flow in each module to produce chips with specific texture, moisture and color qualities. An easy-to-use PLC stores multiple recipes for quick changeover. Plus, the UPC costs less to operate than separate batch or continuous fryers producing the same capacity, uses about half the energy of comparable batch fryers and can produce traditional-style potato chips with little or no water.
Heat and Control, Inc.
Hayward, Calif.

At the push of a button, Douglas Machines’ Model BW-1000 lifts and inverts bulk ingredient containers into the wash/rinse chamber, empties the ingredients from the containers to clean them, then adds the containers to the line. This machine was developed to conserve water, energy and labor while reducing the incidence of injury.
Douglas Machines Corp.
Clearwater, Fla.

Radio Frequency’s Macrowave Post-Baking Dryers use radio frequency energy, which preferentially heats and dries the moist areas of cookies, crackers and snack foods to eliminate surface checking and control moisture and color. Developed for high-volume cookie production, these dryers efficiently remove residual moisture trapped within the center of the product, permitting conventional ovens to run at the maximum speed to create products with the correct loft, crumb structure and color.
Radio Frequency Co., Inc.
Millis, Mass.

Kliklok-Woodman introduced the “G3” twin-tube VFFS snack food bagmaker, which delivers improved ease-of-operation, speed and size flexibility. The G3’s welded tubular steel frame with a center-balanced profile allows weighers and volumetric fillers to be direct-mounted to the machine. The G3 can produce up to 240 bags per minute, or 120 per tube, because of its all-servo motion controls. It also can create bag styles ranging from pillow pouch, block bottom bags and perforated string promo strip, notching, hole punching and more. Additionally, Kliklok’s Insight icon-based, multilingual, color touch-screen interface is easy to use.
Decatur, Ga.

Hinds-Bock’s Ring/Bundt cake line produces multiple flavors or swirl patterns and applies various toppings such as nuts or streusel. The line offers optional swirling devices that can automatically add batter and fruit into a 360-degree pan. This versatile line can reduce labor and wasted product, and can be customized into single or dual lanes. Furthermore, custom ring positive cut-off spouts deposit the batter around the ring cake pan while keeping the product away from the center cone.
Hinds-Bock Corp.
Bothell, Wash.

*Photo courtesy of tna North America