Here is the latest lineup of equipment introductions that offer everything from anti-mold and lidding systems to belts, lump breakers and form/fill/sealers.

AutoJet anti-mold systems from Spraying Systems applies anti-mold ingredients to a wide range of bread products. The system uses PulsaJet automatic spray nozzles to accurately deliver the anti-mold agent without clogging. SprayCheck sensors verify that the anti-mold ingredient has been applied to the bread product. Automatic ratio, mixing and recirculation ensure consistent concentrations are delivered to the nozzles and reduce refill frequency. The system also features a washdown-capable NEMA 4X control panel.    
Spraying Systems Co.
Wheaton, Ill.

Rehrig Pacific slipsheets are an ideal solution for shipping platforms, floor-loaded products and pallets and fiber and corrugated slipsheets. These high-tensile strength plastic sheets and tabs resist tearing, resulting in immediate savings and eliminating costs associated with re-stacking loads. The slipsheets are made from 100%-recycled plastic resin and are available in a variety of surface textures and embossed patterns. They come in standard 20- to 50-in. wide options or can be customized to feature company names and logos.
Rehrig Pacific Co.
Los Angeles, Calif.

Hinds-Bock introduces an automatic bucket and tub filling and lidding system that denests buckets and tubs at speeds of at least 10 containers a minute. A positive two-stage/clamp system is used to ensure proper placement of the lid as it leaves the lid denester, while a progressive roll-down lidding mechanism is used to securely apply lids. A gentle piston transfer pump can be added to automatically load hopper, and a bottom-up feature for stiff products is optional.
Hinds-Bock Corp.
Bothell, Wash.

Charles Ross & Son introduced a new, in-line powder induction system. Unlike previous powder wetting systems designed for fast powder induction, the new In-line SLIM (solids, liquid injection manifold) requires no pump or eductor, which greatly simplifies operation and maintenance and lowers costs. The unique rotor/stator generator includes “progressive spiral porting,” which produces high-flow, high-shear and high-level vacuum within the rotor/stator generator, thus enabling the system to operate without a pump and induct powders at unprecedented rates. Benefits include shorter mixing cycles, immediate lump-free dispersion of powders, improved end-product quality and a closed system that eliminates dusting in the plant.
Charles Ross & Son Co.
Hauppauge, N.Y.

Delkor Systems introduced a team of cartoning machinery. For instance, the Intelligent Positioning carton-closing technology is designed to electronically analyze the position of each individual carton and make necessary corrections for precise alignment on a carton-by-carton basis. It produces speeds up to 150 cartons per minute. In addition, the Trayfecta carton former consists of an all-servo design and was engineered to accommodate the forming of paperboard and corrugated products.
Delkor Systems, Inc.
Circle Pines, Minn.

Ashworth now supplies either metal or plastic belts for both lotension and self-stacking spirals, giving customers an efficient “one-source supplier” solution. The lotension spiral belts include the stainless steelOmni-ProandOmni-Flex, plus the plastic, USDA-accepted Advantage. Meanwhile, theExactaStackis available in all widths, tier heights and mesh configurations for both spliced-in sections and complete self-stacking belt replacements. In addition, ExactaStack integrated Advantage modules, delivering effective vertical air-flow and providing a perfect solution for sticky product applications.
Ashworth Bros., Inc.
Winchester, Va.

Munson Machinery introduced the Sanitary Lump Breaker, featuring side removal bed screens for rapid, thorough washdown. The all-stainless, low profile unit, Model RDC1515-SS, reduces agglomerates and friable materials that are discharged from process equipment, storage vessels and shipping containers. The unit is recommended for deagglomeration of free- or non-free-flowing bulk materials such as salt, sugar, spices and resins, and size reduction of easy-to-break materials such as friable food products and other compacted powders. Plus, the breaker is built to withstand heavy usage and is easy to maintain.
Munson Machinery Co., Inc.
Utica, N.Y.

The r2b horizontal form/fill/seal bagger from WeighPack creates a wide variety of bags integrating bagmaking, filling, sealing and printing into one automatic process, thus increasing productivity and reducing labor and film costs. The r2b uses affordable laminated roll film stock and produces an array of bags, including flat-bottom, stand-up, 3-sided seal, 4-sided seal and with or without zipper closures.
WeighPack Systems Inc.
Las Vegas, Nev.

Cryopak introduced the H-Series, a new line of re-usable thermal control panels designed to maintain dimensional stability when frozen. They are available in three standard sizes, and come in Phase 5, which is used for 2-8°C applications, and Phase 22, which is used for room temperature applications.
Cryopak, a TCP company
Edison, N.J.

Gough Econ launched a bucket elevator that moves material in three different directions for optimum flexibility in planning a material handling system. The unique multi-axis Gough Elecon bucket conveyor and elevator system is ideal for applications requiring gentle handling and industrial applications, such as delivering blanks to stamping presses. Known as the “go-anywhere conveyor,” the Gough Elecon conveyor uses cantilevered buckets that move vertically, horizontally and can turn any direction up to 90 degrees without transferring the load being conveyed.
Gough Econ
Charlotte, N.C.

Intelligrated’s sorter upgrade program provides upgrades to optimize system capacity and throughput, improve equipment utilization and extend system life for a fraction of the cost and downtime associated withIntelliSort, FKI Logistex, UniSort, Crisplant, MathewsandBuschmanbrand equipment. The program begins with a comprehensive audit of the existing system conducted by a certified Intelligrated audit engineer and ends with a full analysis of multiple upgrade, retrofit and rebuild options.
Cincinnati, Ohio

Lock Inspection Systems introduces the Insight range of metal detectors, complete with advanced plug-and-play architecture featuring an array of new communications options designed to meet the requirements of both systems integrators and end-users. Insight detectors come with a membrane keypad with a direct digital signal viewer.
Lock Inspection Systems Inc.
Fitchburg, Mass.

Eriez offers a wide range of electromagnetic cross feeders and conveyors designed for use in packaging applications. For example, the HS (high-speed) and HD (high-deflection) vibratory feeders feature low energy, while the AC electromagnetic drives provide superior reliability, precise cycling and low operating cost. The high-deflection series is recommended when feeding lightweight, loose or sticky materials where higher deflection and lower frequency produces more accurate feed characteristics. Meanwhile, the VMC Series electromagnetic conveyors use a two-mass vibrating system also powered by electromagnetic drives. The VMC is recommended when longer trays are required. Specially designed corrosion-resistant fiberglass springs amplify the stroke and are adjustable for easy fine-tuning of the conveyor’s motion.
Erie, Pa.

Schneider Packaging Equipment introduced the severe-duty line of robotic palletizers for cold-processing operations that require temperatures to -20°F. This efficient design includes a robot jacket, which allows encapsulated warm air to circulate around the robotic arm while operating in low-temperature environments, and uses an integrated FANUC robotic arm for highly efficient and reliable palletizing. The severe-duty robotic palletizer accommodates a variety of product types, weights and sizes and builds highly stable unit loads in almost any pattern, such as interlocked, brick, spiral, column or other configurations.
Schneider Packaging Equipment Co., Inc.
Brewerton, N.Y.

*Photo courtesy of Spraying Systems Co.