From piston fillers and bucket washers to belt drives and rotary knife cutters, this assortment of new equipment is sure to answer the ever-changing demands of the snack food and wholesale bakery market.

Ashworth’s Omni-Pro FlexLite belt is designed for conveying pans and trays and has been tested to withstand tensions of 400 lb. for 100,000 cycles. The Omni-Pro FlexLite retains the same Omni-Pro design features that minimize maintenance costs and downtime in the most demanding spiral applications. Meanwhile, the FlexLite has an open surface area of 90% in a straight run and 87% in spiral or turn-curve applications, resulting in a lightweight belt with increased carrying capacity that cools/freezes foods faster.

Ashworth Bros., Inc.

Winchester, Va.



Hinds-Bock single and dual piston fillers are designed for accurate filling from fractions of an ounce to 64 ounces per piston of fruits, berries, vegetables and purees in delicate products. Large port openings permit filling of chunky ingredients without crushing, thus reducing costs with accurate filling/depositing into trays, bottles, cans, pouches or directly onto the product. These machines are available in several different sizes and configurations to match throughput requirements. In addition, they are easy to clean and operate, gentle and versatile and are USDA- and AG Canada-approved. 

Hinds-Bock Corp.

Bothell, Wash.



The Jerome J605 Hydrogen Sulfide Analyzer from Arizona Instrument comes with significant performance enhancements and new features that make this system an alternative to detect, measure and report levels of hydrogen sulfide vapor for environmental, industrial and wastewater treatment measurements. The J605 has an accuracy of ±1 ppb at the calibration of 5 ppb, matching EPA requirements for hydrogen sulfide testing. Additionally, the J605 is housed in a lighter and more ergonomically designed case, and the upgraded gold film sensor provides longer life. Operators also will find this analyzer easier to use and maintain thanks to the larger display, onboard data logging, auto zeroing and battery-powered sensor regeneration.

Advanced Instruments LLC

Chandler, Ariz.



American Fabric Filter offers replacement cartridge filter elements for baghouses and dust collectors. These replacement cartridges fit most original equipment manufacturer (OEM) units and are manufactured to the OEM specifications or higher from quality components to provide top performance. Furthermore, these filters can cross-reference virtually any product or modify a design to solve specific problems. They also provide a large filter surface area within a compact package and are especially effective in air filtration applications with confined space.

American Fabric Filter Co.

Wesley Chapel, Fla.



SD-36 Bucket Washers from Douglas Machine are designed to pay for themselves through saved water, energy and labor costs. For instance, a five-minute wash/rinse cycle provides for quick and economical cleanup. The washers also come equipped with separate wash and rinse tanks, self-contained water heating, re-circulating wash water and a powerful 15-horsepower pump. Optional rack inserts are available to process a variety of other containers, including lids, pans, molds and trays.

Douglas Machines Corp.

Clearwater, Fla.



The Ross VersaMix (Triple Shaft Mixer) from Charles Ross is now available with a solid/liquid injection manifold, or S.L.I.M. system. Designed for multiple mixing requirements such as high-speed dispersion, emulsification and particle size reduction, the S.L.I.M. system injects materials directly into the rotor/stator agitator of the VersaMix. The strong vacuum force of the high shear mixer sucks in powders or liquids for immediate dispersion or emulsification, resulting in instantaneous wet-out, a lower mixing time and a minimized volume of airborne particles from powder dusting.

Charles Ross and Son Co.

Hauppauge, N.Y.



Spiroflow Systems and its sister company, Spiroflow Ltd., have installed more than 200 Flexible Screw Conveyor (FSC) systems with integrated Bag Tip Stations in leading snack producers worldwide. Each system comprises of an integrated bag tip station and electronic controls. The systems also provide a reliable and easy-to-clean method of transferring bags of seasoning and flavoring by mobile or stationary feeding units to the coating drums. Each bag station has a dust hood with a transparent strip curtain that protects operators and reduces exposure to dust when emptying the bags.

Spiroflow Systems, Inc.

Monroe, N.C.



The alpha LPBK+ right-angle spiral bevel belt drives from WITTENSTEIN are high-power density gearboxes that offer long service life and flexibility and improve low-duty application designs. The alpha LPBK+ is a low-cost alternative, which still guarantees maximum return, and creates an integrated solution with ultra-compact design, easy motor mounting and saves up to 40% in space compared to a conventional drive solution for linear applications.


Bartlett, Ill.


ID Technology has designed a printer applicator corner-wrap labeling system that does not require factory air. Instead, vacuum is created by an electric fan to hold the label in place prior to label application. After the label is printed using a thermal transfer print engine, the label is held onto a pivoting vacuum grid attached to a follow-along roller. This labeling module applies the label to the side and around the leading corner of a case or carton as the box travels along a conveyor.

ID Technology, LLC

Ft. Worth, Texas



Wilmington Machinery rolled out new models of its PALLATEER Plastic Pallet Molding Systems. For instance, the Pallateer System PM-2 operates with a single-stack injection mold and maintains production rates up to 450,000 single-deck nestable pallets, as well as 225,000 double-deck, two-piece pallets, per year. Likewise, the Pallateer System PM-4 operates with two-stack molds and produces up to 900,000 single-deck nestable or 450,000 double-deck pallets. Both models use stack mold technology to increase production at a lower investment and with decreased floor space, utilities and labor.

Wilmington Machinery

Wilmington, N.C.



Munson Machinery’s Rotary Knife Cutter delivers controlled end-product sizes with minimum fines at ultra-high rates. Intended as a cutter/cracker for corn and other grains, spices, roots and related food products, the unit is equipped with a machined, one-piece rotor assembly containing five adjustable rotating knives that cut against four reversible screen-mounted stationary knives. The cutter also comes with hinged doors on both sides of the unit for rapid cleaning and inspection, and is available in carbon steel or all-stainless construction.

Munson Machinery Co., Inc.

Utica, N.Y.



*Photo courtesy of Ashworth Bros., Inc.