Check out the latest in high-speed packaging solutions, belts, sifters, pumps and more.

Taconic’s non-stick tortilla belts are tough enough to stand up to anything. Offering durability, optimal release and resistance to grease penetration, high temperatures and punctures, these high-performance belts increase productivity by reducing belt changeovers. Taconic offers standard and custom tortilla belts with various splice options.
Petersburgh, N.Y.

Weighpack Systems designed a complete high-speed packaging solution for lightweight baked goods. The integrated system includes a 14-head Primo Weigher and dual VS Horizontal baggers. The WeighPack dramatically reduces product travel time between the scale and bagger by eliminating product spiraling with the Primo Weigher’s individual lane chutes and installing a catch box system that allows the product to be double-staged. These additions increase production rates by 40%, successfully cycling at more than 60 bags per minute of pita chips in increments of 200 g.
WeighPack Systems Inc.
Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Hinds-Bock’s filling machines are designed for use over vertical form/fill/seal systems. Models SP-64 and SP-160 feature a long-reach positive shut-off spout with an adjustable blow-off device to maintain accurate seals and a clean seal zone. Meanwhile, models 2P-64 and 3P-32 are used over horizontal vacuum formers for difficult applications and include agitated hoppers, diving spouts, traveling spouts and heated/cooled machines.
Hinds-Bock Corp.
Bothell, Wash.

Wire Belt now offers C-CureEdge patented C-shaped end loops for Flat-Flex conveyor belts, which provide maximum safety with end loops that won’t snag or tangle during shipment, storage or installation. Belts on tight transfers, multi-tiered coolers and hold-down belt applications are most prone to damage from catching and tangling. C-CureEdge diminishes the opportunity for damage to your conveyor and minimizes the risk of accidents from sharp or burred open ends. Additionally, these end loops increase safety and improve productivity.
Wire Belt Co. of America
Londonderry, N.H.

Great Western Manufacturing introduces QA Series Gravity Flow Sifters, which provide gentle and accurate gyratory motion, sanitary stainless steel sieves with snap-on neoprene gaskets, full wrap-around guarding, compact floor size, a wide range of capacities and the ability to customize any process or installation requirements.
Great Western Manufacturing
Leavenworth, Kan.

tna now offers the latest tna roflo 3 gateless and fully reversible distribution conveyors, which can handle multiple products that would normally require a series of dedicated lines, thus reducing capital outlay by up to 40%. Plus, these conveyors are not locked into a fixed feed direction and can be configured into endless combinations. Meanwhile, the tna intelli-flav 2 flavoring system can be used in combination with virtually any distribution and packaging system. Its patented software measures flavor rates and product flow to monitor and self-regulate the correct feed-rates for consistent product flavoring. The consistent application and delicate handling also results in minimal flavor wastage and less product damage.
tna North America
Coppell, Texas

Moyno, Inc. offers the Moyno 2000 Model G2 Progressing Cavity Pump, which features an open throat hopper design with an auger for positive product feed when handling semi-dry or high solid content sludges. Additionally, it features Moyno’s crown gear-type universal joint that is capable of accommodating exceptionally high thrust loads at flow rates up to 400 gallons per minute and pressure capabilities to 350 lb. per square inch.
Moyno, Inc.
Springfield, Ohio

Avoid costly grease cross-contamination mistakes. Lubrication Engineer’s Clear Grease Guns allow for 100% visual grease identification, critical for H1 lubricant applications. They are available with a variety of end-cap colors and come with a pistol grip or lever-style gun. The tubes fit many existing gun models and can be purchased separately.
Lubrication Engineers, Inc.
Fort Worth, Texas

Lantech’s stretch wrapping machine increases throughput, reduces operator interventions, minimizes film use and achieves better containment. The patent-pending film clamp eliminates a documented cause of 18% of machine stoppages resulting from film breaks.
Louisville, Ky.

Multisorb Technologies offers FreshCard technology, which is a versatile sorbent solution that regulates oxygen levels within food packaging to maintain the color and flavor of food products while extending shelf life. The FreshCard face and back offers additional branding space for promotional or instructional copy and cost effectively delivers oxygen scavenging, product support and useable copy space. FreshCard units are conveniently dispensed into individual food packages, providing each item with a scaffold-like support backing that can be cut and sized for each customized application. 
Multisorb Technologies
Buffalo, N.Y.

Markem-Imaje released the latest in liquid inkjet printing technology. The 5600 High-Resolution, Liquid Inkjet Printer provides an economic and efficient answer for manufacturers who need to maximize contrast, while minimizing the required ink deposit. Designed for porous corrugate cases and trays, the printer features liquid piezo technology, which delivers high-quality graphics, text and readable barcodes. Additionally, the printer includes a rigid ink management system to recover purged ink.
Kennesaw, Ga.

Spiroflow Systems’ redesigned C1-2 Bulk Bag Filler comes complete with a new programmable controller designed to increase filling accuracy and cycle speed. Using one-touch controls, operators can control bulk bag filler operations as well as upstream in-feed devices within a 1% accuracy rate and can fill up to 20 bags an hour.
Spiroflow Systems, Inc.
Monroe, N.C.

Bosch Packaging Technology’s SVI Vertical Bagger provides numerous bag style and in-field options for a wide range of food applications. The machine’s low height allows the intermittent SVI machines to produce bags with corner seal and doy-style bags with optional zippers. Additionally, its changeover reduces machine downtime during format change and increases the overall performance of the equipment.
Bosch Packaging Technology, Inc.
New Richmond, Va.

Thermo Fisher Scientific introduces Intellitrack XR (IXR), a new signal processing technology for breads that will be integrated into the entire family of Thermo Scientific APEX metal detectors. IXR addresses the demand for better performance in challenging situations where traditional “phase out” techniques are unable to meet strict standards. To assure high-performance over time, the intelligent IXR tracks these product signals by adjusting product cancellation on the fly.
Thermo Fisher Scientific, Inc.
Waltham, Mass.

*Photo courtesy of Taconic