For bakers and snack producers in search for the next best solution, look no further. This roundup of ingredients offers everything from longer shelf life to oil and fat replacements.

Kemin Food Technologies launched AMPLIFRESH, a unique antimicrobial system designed to keep cakes and muffins fresh and safe for a longer period of time without impacting their original taste profile. Through a proprietary manufacturing process, scientists ensure optimal pH, enhanced stability, superior solubility and better dispersion while using permitted antimicrobials. Additionally,AMPLIFRESHis manufactured in an HACCP- and ISO 9001:2008-certified facility in Gummidipoondi, India.
Kemin Food Technologies, division of Kemin Industries
Des Moines, Iowa

Cargill introduces an innovative texturizing ingredient, theCitriTex stabilizer blend, allowing up to a 50% replacement of oil or fat in bakery products, while maintaining the taste and texture of a full-fat product. TheCitriTexstabilizer blend doesn’t require any special processing or hydration, can be added during the mixing process at any time and is cost neutral compared to soybean oil.
Cargill, Inc.
Minneapolis, Minn.

D.D. Williamson launched certified organic annatto extracts designed to help food processors broaden their portfolio of consumer products labeled with the USDA organic logo. Previously, organic food manufacturers had to settle for “organic compliant” annatto extract. Now, customers can meet the requirements that a food formula is > 95% certified organic to claim “organic” and qualify for use of the USDA logo. The new products also conform to Canadian organic regulations.
D.D. Williamson Colors LLC
Louisville, Ky.

For centuries, bakers were centrally located in the midst of their customers as breads tended to stale quickly with no preservatives. Since World War II though, shelf life on bread has been extended thanks to advanced chemicals and other ingredients. Commercial bakeries could ship long distances and keep their products fresher longer. Now bakers can achieve long shelf life with 100% natural “Raisin Puree” from MHT. Let its development team show you how to eliminate chemical preservatives from your bread and simplify your label.
MHT, Inc.
Carson, Calif.

WILD Flavors’ line ofSaltTrimproducts includes a couple of unique salt reduction solutions designed to reduce up to 50% of sodium.SaltTrimPlus, for example, is a flavor modification that combines potassium chloride with naturalSaltTrimfor a 1:1 replacement of salt in salty snacks. SeaSaltTrimalso provides a 1:1 replacement of salt, reducing sodium by up to 45%. It allows a label statement of “sea salt, natural flavor” and provides a unique marketability by using the gourmet image of sea salt.
WILD Flavors, Inc.
Erlanger, Ky.

Comax Flavors has developed a range of cocoa extenders and replacers. These highly specialized flavors can replace anywhere from 10 parts to 75 parts of dutched cocoa in the finished product with one part Comax flavor. The results can range from a rich chocolate taste with deep, complex notes to a light caramel-type cocoa flavor. These customized flavors are available in both powdered and liquid form.
Comax Flavors
Melville, N.Y.

Archer Daniels Midland Co. introduces its new sorghum flour for use in gluten-free and multi-grain applications. Grain sorghum originated in Africa and India, and is one of the oldest known grains. ADM’s sorghum flour has a light color and neutral flavor, making it ideal for use in cakes, cookies and breads.
Archer Daniels Midland Co.
Decatur, Ill.

Ocean Spray Ingredient Technology Group expanded its fruit ingredient portfolio with fruit-sweetened dried cranberries. Ocean Spray’s sweetened dried fruits bring attractive points of color, great taste and a healthy profile to finished products such as trail mix and baked goods. In addition, the fruit-sweetened dried cranberries are produced from superior-grade cranberries, and are dried to a specific moisture specification, depending on the characteristics desired.
Ocean Spray Ingredient Technology Group, division of Ocean Spray Cranberries, Inc.
Lakeville-Middleboro, Mass.

Ajinomoto Food Ingredients introduced a sodium-reduction system called SALT ANSWER RX AX, which works synergistically with lower levels of salt or salt blends to reestablish that desirable salt flavor to a variety of snacks. Likewise, it delivers a salt-like taste to processed foods and offers 30% less salt in potato chips.
Ajinomoto Food Ingredients LLC
Chicago, Ill.

Glanbia Nutritionals’OptiSol 5000is a highly functional ingredient with strong hydrocolloid properties that can be used to replace fats, gums and gluten in baked goods and tortillas while improving flavor, texture and shelf stability. A clean-label solution, it improves nutritional content with Omega-3s, fibers and lignans from natural flax. Glanbia also introduced a new proprietary heat treatment process, MicroSure Plus. This intense process substantially reduces the total plate count in flaxseed without compromising the product’s quality, nutritional value or shelf life. It has been developed specifically for Glanbia Nutritionals’ flaxseed range, which includesSelectGrad, ChoiceGradandBevGrad, which is exceptionally fine and smooth flaxseed ingredient used in granola bars.
Glanbia Nutritionals
Monroe, Wis.

Caravan Ingredients has developed Pristine Wheat Ferment Enhancer, a natural easy-to-use flavorant that eliminates the need for messy wet sours and lengthy fermentation. This functional product is made from a dried, naturally fermented wheat sour and produced under carefully controlled time and temperature conditions. A group of specially selected sourdough organisms aid in producing an exceptionally unique flavor profile, which can be used at low levels for a hint of flavor or at higher levels for a more robust flavor, providing variability for the baker. Pristine Wheat Ferment Enhancer also is used in the recently developed Pristine Artisan Italian Base to provide an authentic flavor to finished products. This 4% base is used to produce classic Italian and ciabatta breads, rolls and baguettes, works well with automated equipment and aids in producing a clean label product.
Caravan Ingredients
Lenexa, Kan.

*Photo courtesy of Kemin Food Technologies, division of Kemin Industries

**As printed in the August 2010 issue.