This season’s ingredient solutions offer everything from signature flavors to complex tastes and textures.

Bay State Milling launchedBakingEssentialsflour as part of the company’s Healthy Grain Initiative.This gluten-free, all-purpose flour is suitable for bread, rolls, cookies, brownies and pizza crust.BakingEssentialsis third-party-certified by the standards of the Celiac Sprue Association and is produced and stored in a dedicated facility.
Bay State Milling
Quincy, Mass.

Givaudan has developed a unique sensory language calledSense It Salt, which provides a more accurate description of the complex taste effects of salt in snacks and baked goods. Sense It Salt language accurately assesses the consequences of reducing salt and the performance of flavors or ingredients that are used to restore the taste of low-sodium products. Sense It Salt was developed using a global team of flavorists, application technologists and sensory scientists and is fully integrated into the overall Sense It Salt language, which includes more than 350 descriptors with references covering aroma, taste and mouthfeel.
Vernier, Switzerland
+41 (22) 780 9111

Van Drunen Farms offers pumpkin flakes and powders to help create a signature flavor for breads, baked goods and desserts. These pumpkin products are produced from clean, cooked pumpkin puree that is drum-dried, then milled into sized flakes or powders. The resulting product is an easily water-dispersible pumpkin ingredient that can be added directly into recipes. In many applications, pumpkin powder can be used as a replacement for wet pumpkin puree concentrate.
Van Drunen Farms
Momence, Ill.

Arla Foods Ingredients presentsNUTRILACegg replacements, created to help limit the risk of production cross-contamination.NUTRILAC products can reduce cost savings by up to 30%, can be declared as milk or whey proteins and often enhance the quality and shelf life of bakery products when compared with traditional egg ingredients. Derived from natural cow’s milk, they contain 100% natural premium quality milk and are low in fat and cholesterol.
Arla Foods Ingredients
Basking Ridge, N.J.

In response to higher cocoa prices, David Michael & Co. re-launchedCocoa-Mate, a line of cocoa extenders that are functionally capable of replacing up to 50% of the cocoa powder used in a finished product.Cocoa-Mateis an excellent candidate for a number of applications, including toppings and bakery goods. Cocoa Mates are available to replace both Dutched cocoas and natural cocoas and come in a natural or artificial option.
David Michael & Co.
Philadelphia, Pa.

TIC Gums’ selection of gums add soluble dietary fiber to a range of foods and consist of 80% soluble dietary fiber, providing more soluble fiber than oats, wheat bran and other better-known fiber sources. Dietary fiber, particularly soluble fiber, promotes a healthy cardiovascular system and helps to maintain blood sugar and cholesterol levels within normal limits. Soluble dietary fiber has also been shown to help maintain a healthy intestinal tract.
TIC Gums
White Marsh, Md.

Steviva Brands is revamping the way bakers create pumpkin pie thanks to an all-natural Stevia sweetener. Almost 300 times sweeter than sugar yet with no carbohydrates or calories, this stevia extract is safe for diabetics as well as those suffering from hypoglycemia. The Stevia extract contains zero additives and is 100%-natural. 
Steviva Brands, Inc.
Portland, Ore.

Cargill introducesStarrierstarch, a new “super load” starch carrier that overcomes the inefficiencies of traditional lower-load bearing carriers and the expense and complexity of spray drying for liquids and oils. Derived from identity-preserved non-GMO maize, Starrier starch is clean label and can be declared as simply “starch,” “maize starch” or “corn flour.”
Cargill, Inc.
Minneapolis, Minn.

Wixon’sMag-nifiquefor Stevia enhances sweetness and reduces the lingering aftertaste caused by Stevia, a sugar substitute recently launched in the United States.Mag-nifiquefor Stevia enhances sweetness with natural flavors while reducing the bitter aftertaste that can occur when Stevia is used at high concentrations. For instance, it offers a healthier alternative to traditional beef jerky by providing a complete flavor system, including Wixon’s proprietary masking technologies. It also can be incorporated to provide a well-balanced alternative to traditional full-sugar bread mixes.
St. Francis, Wis.

Phyterra Yeast developed Acryleast, an acrylamide-preventing proprietary yeast that reduces acrylamide by 90% when compared to bread made with standard commercial baker’s yeast. This patent-pending technology has the potential to alleviate food safety issues across a variety of foods, including baked goods, potato chips, cookies, crackers and baked snacks. After three hours in replicate testing, dough inoculated with Acryleast showed a 99% reduction in asparagine versus an 18.5% reduction for the control dough made using standard commercial bread yeast.
Phyterra Yeast Inc., a division of Functional Technologies Corp.
Napa, Calif.

Nielsen-Massey Vanillas presents its entire line of vanilla, including Bourbon Pure Vanilla Extract, Madagascar Bourbon Pure Vanilla Bean Paste, Madagascar Bourbon Pure Vanilla Powder, Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Beans, Madagascar Bourbon Pure Vanilla Sugar, Mexican Pure Vanilla Extract, Mexican Vanilla Beans, Tahitian Pure Vanilla Extract, Tahitian Vanilla Beans, certified-organic Madagascar Bourbon Pure Vanilla Extract and certified-organic Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Beans. Nielsen-Massey captures the true flavors of nature through its three- to five-week cold extraction process, which slowly and gently draws the delicate and distinctive flavor from the vanilla beans. In addition, all Nielsen-Massey Vanilla beans are hand-picked for perfection and are kosher, gluten-free and allergen-free.
Nielsen-Massey Vanillas, Inc.
Waukegan, Ill.

*Printed in October 2010 issue

**Photo courtesy of Bay State Milling