From Barry Callebaut chocolate to Van Drunen’s cranberries, this round of new ingredients provides a little something for everyone.

Barry Callebaut introduces Van Leer Gold line of premium chocolate for North American confection, bakery and pastry professionals. Made with unsweetened Belgian chocolate liquor and natural Madagascan bourbon vanilla, this line comes in wafer form and is available in Bel Noir (dark chocolate) and Bel Lactée (milk chocolate) couvertures. The Bel Noir couverture is available in varying cacao contents, ranging from 53-73% cacao, while the Gold Bel Lactée couverture comes in 31% and 33% cacao.
Barry Callebaut USA LLC
Chicago, Ill.

Van Drunen Farms’ freeze-dried and drum-dried cranberry ingredients bear a tart and tangy fruit taste and are high in proanthocyanins, anthocyanins, polyphenols, organic acids, vitamins and minerals. Freeze-dried cranberries are a 100% natural ingredient with no preservatives and are available in whole, sliced, diced and powder format, whereas drum-dried cranberries are offered in a flake or powder form.
Van Drunen Farms
Momence, Ill.

ActivK MK-7 from Danisco is a fermented and purified Vitamin K2 ingredient using bacteria naturally occurring in natto. Stable under most processing conditions, ActivK MK-7is suitable for a wide range of products, including fats and oils, baked goods and bars.
Danisco USA Inc.
New Century, Kan.

PlugráEuropean-style butter is the official butter of The French Pastry School in Chicago. Plugrá butter features greater plasticity, higher sheen and superior flavor-carrying qualities. It also is slow-churned for less moisture with the optimal 82% butterfat for flakier pastries and cakes. Plugrá butter comes in 16-oz. salted and unsalted solids and clarified butter.
Marketed by Global Dairy Products Group, a division of Dairy Farmers of America, Inc.
Kansas City, Mo.

Almonds bring the perfect balance to any product and people are eating them right up. In fact, research shows that about 80% of consumers believe a product with almonds is more interesting and is better nutritionally, too. And when you formulate with almonds, you’re in good company - in 2009, almonds were the #1 nut introduced globally. So go ahead and serve up some extra appeal, just make sure almonds are in.
Almond Board of California
Modesto, Calif.

Softbran Don Minusby Kampffmeyer Food Innovation is a milled product made from germinable, healthy wheat and can be used in combination with mild whole grain flour.Softbran Don Minuscan easily replace conventional bran in formulations without further modifications, and is suitable for baked goods, such as bread for toasting. Studies show breads formulated with 5%Softbran Don Minuswere described as aromatic, slightly nutty and containing a fresh whole grain taste.
KAMPFFMEYER Food Innovation GmbH
Hamburg, Germany
0049 (0) 40 75 109-632

*Photo courtesy of Barry Callebaut USA LLC