Caravan Ingredients has been named a 2010 recipient of the "IFT Food Expo Innovation Award" for the development ofTrancendimDiglycerides for zero trans shortening.

Presented by the Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) at its annual meeting and food Expo on July 18, the award honors outstanding product innovations, ingredients, applications, instruments, equipment, technology and services.

Trancendimtechnology provides unique opportunities to reduce saturated fat in trans fat-free applications. The line of high diglycerides transcends existing lipid structuring technology by delivering 0 g. trans fat and significantly reduced saturated fat; all while maintaining exceptional taste, mouthfeel and flavor release.

“Caravan Ingredients is very proud and also excited that this innovative technology has been recognized by the Institute of Food Technologists,” says Larry Skogerson, vice president of R&D at Caravan Ingredients, Lenexa, Kan. “Development ofTrancendimunderscores the commitment of Caravan Ingredients to provide innovative ingredients that enable food manufacturers to provide healthy, nutritious and delicious food choices for consumers.”