Conveying the Right Answer
When buying any new machine that is belt-driven, a critical consideration is ease of installation. Before purchase, ask yourself some of the more hard-hitting questions to reduce the possibility of error later. For example, are you choosing a model that is already spliced, allowing you to use an endless belt that can be replaced simply by sliding it off the machine? On the other hand, if splicing is required, can plant maintenance handle the task and would they need training? The alternative is to factor in the cost of an installer to do the job. Either way, you'll need to include the downtime cost.
Is the belt in compliance with FDA regulations? Can it handle the kind of product load — weight, temperature — typical for your facility?
Can you change the belt if you later decide to retrofit a belt of a different type or material? Find out about its cleanability characteristics.
Do you know how to appropriately tension the belt you want to purchase and then how to ensure tracking to avoid expensive repairs later?
Also important are such issues as the ability of the proposed belt to handle various different kinds of chemical residue. One type of plastic, for example, may be relatively weak in handling certain oils, while another is completely impervious to attack.
These are just a few of the many challenges bakeries confront when selecting the appropriate belt for their needs. If you need assistance, give Tom Goelz, applications engineer, Siegling of America, a call at
Dorner Unveils AquaPruf Line
Cleansing, sanitary and durable, the AquaPruf line represents the latest in sanitary, wash-down conveyors from Dorner Mfg. Corp.
The 7200 Series and 7300 Series AquaPruf conveyors represent the lowest-profile sanitary conveyors on the market. These stainless steel conveyors can take the potential abuse of high-pressure washings with water, soap, bleach, chlorine, alcohol or foaming chlorine cleaner without risk of corrosion.
Features of the AquaPruf 7200 include:
•28mm sealed bearing with FDA Solid Lube — rated at full load for one year life of 24 hour-a-day operation with one cleaning cycle per day
•Low pressure wash-down of less than 100 psi. Soap and water cleaning
•Flat belt and cleated belt end drive models. 60-lb. load capacity, 300 ft. per minute belt speed
Features of the AquaPruf 7300 include:
•Oversized 44mm sealed bearing with FDA Lube — provides extended bearing life in high-pressure wash-down applications up to 1,500 psi
•Can withstand bleach or chlorine cleaning solutions. Flat belt and cleated belt end drive models. Installed with plastic clipper splice as special order. 60-lb. load capacity, 500 ft. per minute belt speed.
AquaPruf conveyors are built with encased urethane belting. 1-800-379-8664
Servo SmartFeed
For years, the food industry has struggled with the problem of wrapping frozen products at high speeds. No longer. Shuttleworth has developed a high-speed wrapper infeed called Servo SmartFeed. This system enables bakeries to better handle frozen products at the wrapping and cartoning stage by more rapidly and accurately feeding the product into the flow wrappers and cartoning machines. By keeping the wrapper running at a consistent speed, the SmartFeed system allows output to be increased and more product to be shipped.
Moreover, Shuttleworth has integrated the new technology into SIG Doboy's top-of-the-line wrapper, improving its performance and enabling the customer to generate more product throughput. In fact, using the new process, production numbers jumped from 20 to 120 products per minute. The Shuttleworth SmartFeed system enabled the customer to minimize film waste, improve the sanitation conditions of the machinery and cut labor costs. Shuttleworth is committed to partnering with packaging machinery manufacturers to provide innovative solutions to the packaging industry.
In addition, the Servo SmartFeed lowers the labor associated with the wrapper infeed by automating the feedback of product flow information to the wrapper, adjusting its speed accordingly. 1-800-444-7412
New Abrasion-Resistant Belt
Intralox, Inc. has introduced a new belt designed to address the high levels of abrasion present in applications such as potato and tomato receiving areas. Based on tests performed on this patented technology, Intralox customers can expect wear life on sprockets and hinges at least 10 times longer than the company's standard products, for approved applications.
A "system" approach was used in developing the new Series 1700 belt, incorporating new belt and hinge rod designs, new abrasion-resistant material and new sprocket design:
•A new hinge rod design significantly reduces abrasive action (and belt wear) in the hinge area
•The belt is molded in a new, highly effective abrasion-resistant nylon material
•The sprocket is molded in abrasion-resistant polyurethane and has an enlarged wear area that reduces wear rate
Intralox invented modular plastic conveyor belt technology more than 25 years ago and is the world's largest, exclusive modular plastic conveyor belt manufacturer. For further information about the Series 1700 Abrasion Resistant belt and other Intralox belts and services, call 1-800-535-8848
Time-Proven Technology
Innovative, efficient design, based on time-proven technology, is the hallmark of Span Tech's latest generation of spiral conveyors. Span Tech spirals are an ideal choice for a multitude of applications within the snack food and baking industry, including cooling, inclining/declining, buffering and more. Completely captured chain, kept securely in place by hold-down tabs along the entire spiral path, means no "tenting," no take-ups or tensioners, and no need for adjustments. Acetyl chain won't oxidize like stainless steel, is easier to clean, and weighs about half as much. The industry's tightest-available turning radius saves costly floor space. A direct-drive, shaft-mounted gear motor eliminates lubrication problems, maintenance headaches, and employee hazards associated with traditional sprockets and roller chains. Available speeds of up to 500 ft. per minute far exceed the capabilities of conventional spiral systems. Optional features include 6mm raised-link chain and integrated transfers, which can handle small or difficult-to-transfer products with diameters down to 1.5 in. In many cases, Span Tech can even rebuild your existing spirals with this new technology. 1-270-651-9166
The Perfect Fit
By retrofitting your current spiral system or ordering your new spiral system with a KVP, Inc. modular plastic spiral belt, you can:
•Stop belt metal wear debris and steel lubricant contamination of your products
•End stainless steel "blackening" of your products forever
•Boost your product yields with non-stick FDA/USDA direct-contact, plastic-belt surfaces
•Increase your product throughput due to greater loading capacity of lighter, stronger belts
•Improve your product's support, orientation, air-flow and drainage through multiple belt surface configurations and accessories
•Reduce your spiral down-time through reduced system wear, lower belt tension, significantly less ice and frost build-up, and quick, thorough belt cleanability.
•Cut back maintenance time by:
•Eliminating steel belt "run-in" time, lubrication and periodic fatigue cycle "flipping"
•Ending periodic wear strip and cage bar cap replacement
•Eliminating steel belt cutting, grinding and welding. 1-800-445-7898
Miniature Pressure Cooker
VersaPack's new ThermoPop is the latest in microwaveable film. This two-layer film offers distinct advantages. "Basically, there is a functional strip laminated into the material — that is the patented feature," explains company director Anthony Catino. "The manufacturer just puts the product in the pouch or bag, and the user puts it in the microwave. Once it starts to heat up, the moisture stays in the bag."
ThermoPop film is unique, notes Catino, because it acts like a miniature pressure cooker to more effectively and evenly heat a product, which has been an issue over the years with microwave ovens.
"We are able to eliminate 95% of all the unpalatable characteristics associated with microwave cooking," he explains, adding that the film is especially helpful for breaded products, which can lose their crunch and texture in the traditional process, and for convenience foods like egg-and-meat sandwiches, which require sufficient moisture. On the functional side, the film can be printed with high-quality graphics and used as a rollstock film or run on a tray sealer.1-201-797-7516
Wire Belt Co. of America has introduced patented C-Cure Edge open-mesh, stainless steel wire belting, specially designed to enhance productivity and upgrade safety in the production environment. These belts with closed loop ends eliminate tangling and minimize risk of accidents from sharp or burred open ends.
Wirebelt C-Cure Edge belts run efficiently side-by-side without snagging or catching, and are designed to eliminate tangling during shipping, storage, installation, and day-to-day operation
The patented design reduces individual strand stress on the outside edge of the belt and diminishes conveyor damage caused by loop-end irregularities
C-Cure Edge belts improve safety and flexibility when installed on product placement, shuttle or slider bed conveyors. In addition to reducing conveyor-to-conveyor catching and tangling during transfers, the belt design eliminates snags and tangles when used for hold-down applications in equipment, such as conveyorized fryers. In the event of improper installation, the belt will continue to operate safely, even if running backwards, and will not inflict injury to the operator.
C-Cure Edge belts are ideal for food applications such as breading, battering, enrobing, cooling and frying, and for general industrial applications including heating, cooling, drying and coating. C-Cure Edge belts require no changes or reconfigurations in drive components, shafting and other parts on conveyor lines using Wirebelt Flat Flex style belts. 1-800-922-2637
Taylor Products, a division of Magnum Systems added another key product to its capabilities, the Flexible Auger Conveyor. It is a simple but ruggedly designed conveyor with one moving part capable of transporting a wide range of free-flowing powders, granules or pellets safely and reliably anywhere in a plant. It features fast, effective and economical conveying, four to 40 ft. distances, speeds of up to 800 cubic ft. per hour and more.
Packaging Progressions' PPI-200 Hands Off Interleaving and Stacking machine accurately and consistently places a pre-programmed sheet of film, foil or paper under pizza crusts at speeds up to 1,100 doz. per hour per lane. Once the interleaving sheet has been placed under the crust, it may be folded or wrapped around the product for ease of separation, sanitary handling and, with foil sheets, box to oven baking. PPI Interleavers accommodate paper width sizes ranging from 13 in. to 40 in. The PLC design allows easy production setup or changes. Control and drive enclosures are temperature controlled and fully gasketed to protect components. The large variety of stacking modules automatically count and stack the interleaved portions into uniform groups, which are then conveyed to the wrapping or cartoning machine, or packed by hand. 1-610-489-8601
GRAFCO PET Packaging Technologies has expanded its wide-mouth stock product line with the introduction of a 1.5 gallon (205-oz.) round container with 110-400 finish. This new container is ideally used for candy, peanuts and other snacks. The line includes a 48-oz round, 58-oz. found, 60-oz. round, 64-oz. gripped square, 128-oz. round, and 128-oz gripped square. All these containers have 110-400 finish and most are available to offer a broad variety of shapes and sizes to promote products. 1-877-447-2326
Intralox has upgraded its popular small-pitch Series 1100 Flat Top belt for use with EZ Track sprockets. The belt features a new design that eliminates risk of sprocket disengagement, improves belt tracking, simplifies sprocket placement and makes cleaning easier and more effective. The Series 1100 new underside design incorporates a continuous cross section instead of dedicated drive pockets, so sprockets can be placed anywhere across the width of the belt. Also, the belt's new underside design eliminates potential debris traps otherwise created by the dedicated drive pockets.
Booth #4363
Shick USA designs and engineers process systems that require sanitation at a level that meets or exceeds the 3A sanitary guidelines. Machines include metering and dosing systems, cream yeast systems, slurry systems, fermentation systems, ingrediator/liquefication systems. Other systems include bulk liquid storage and delivery, tote systems and water blending. 1-877-744-2587
Booth #3251
Caraustar offers high quality packaging for snack food and wholesale bakery needs. The company offers printed folding cartons, coated recycled paperboard for folding carton manufacturing, uncoated recycled paperboard for composite cans and paperboard tubes. It's Whitetone line is a recycled white back alternative to SBS paperboard, and the Statone line is grease barrier paperboard for direct fill product. Caraustar has product development expertise in pour features, flip top closures, tray styles and more. 1-216-281-7651
Turn-belt conveyors from KESS Industries provide 45 to 180 degrees of transfer, while maintaining perfect product orientation. These conveyors feature stainless steel construction and belting, easily removable catch pans and wash-down duty components. Double hexagonal rollers on the conveyor discharge make for easy product transfer onto adjoining equipment. Electrical controls include a VFD and potentiometer for speed adjustment. Options include swivel-locking casters, adjustable in-feed product guides, and belting with filler rods to accommodate smaller products. 1-800-578-5564
Meyer Machine offers a wide range of vibratory equipment for laning of elongated products prior to packaging or other processing requirements where product orientation is important. The wide range of vibratory drives allows for the optimum in flexibility and performance. Laning equipment and systems can be supplied for manual pack-off or to interface with automatic collecting and packaging equipment. Single laning systems to complete a process or packaging feed systems can be supplied to meet your requirements. 1-210-736-1811
WHY Design creates eye-catching designs for all types of snack food and bakery product packaging. WHY specializes in cutting-edge, friendly, "fun" retail package, food label, display box and container design for high-impact P.O.P. that sells. Additional services include brand building and logo design. From concept to marketplace, it's a one-stop creative solution for optimizing the potential of snack or bakery product. 1-401-421-7622
The EZSplice strand from Wire Belt Company of America provides rapid installation and repair of Flat-Flex open mesh, stainless steel wire belting. Designed to simplify joining and splicing of continuous loop conveyor belts, EZSplice installs in minutes in five simple steps and eliminates the intricate lacing and weaving of wire across the width of a conveyor belt. The patented strands reduce splicing time as much as 80%, facilitating preventive maintenance and allowing rapid on-line repairs. 1-800-922-2637
Booth #3920
The Oshikiri RKM Rounder from OCA was designed specifically for large-scale production of white bread. For best rounding, the clearance between the rounding cone and the track is a key point. The arms supporting the track are fixed onto the main body to prevent floating off the track by pressure of the dough pieces. A rib support along its entire length contributing to the track's strength. The RKM uses a chain drive system which does away with oil changes and other maintenance usually required on gear driven systems. Its simple mechanism makes maintenance an easy task. 1-800-566-7327
Booth #3629
With the Shaffer Dough Reclamation Slurry System, manufacturers can decrease costs by minimizing scrap dough handling, storage space and eliminating discarded dough. The slurry reacts in fresh dough as a flavor enhancer, increasing fermentation flavor in the finished product. Also, it increases oven spring and reduces mixing time, and will maximize consistency from batch to batch. Uniform slurry in the formula ensures uniform dough. The slurry is held in a refrigerated storage tank for up to 72 hours and is metered into a batch mixer. It is ideal for croissants, cinnamon rolls, Danish and pizza dough. 1-630-257-5200
Booth #3919
O/K Machinery Corp. manufactures a complete line of stainless steel sanitary conveyors, automatic box filling systems and custom product handling and automation equipment, all designed to exact specifications. The stainless steel conveyors use belts made of fabric, plastic or stainless steel wire. All belts are USDA and FDA approved, and provide increased productivity and decreased manufacturing costs. 1-800-521-2908
Booth #4021
The patented ColdBar and ColdBarPLus Refrigeration Systems from Peerless provide bakers with a solution to their dough temperature problems without adding ice to the dough. Features include a refrigeration jacket, bowl ends and breaker bar on the ColdBar while the ColdBarPlus comes with the exclusive refrigerated agitator bars. They are ideal for the production of English muffins, hamburger buns, bread and frozen dough. 1-800-999-3327
Booth #3170
Christy Dry Material Dispensing Machines, known as Siv-O-Duster, automatically provide a continuous, controlled flow of dry coatings, films or toppings. Features include customized lengths and heights, infinite speed controls according to needs, a selection of mountings to fit specific operations, all geared toward consistent results. The machine also features interchangeable dispensing shafts for different materials that are quickly removable for cleaning and polyurethane wipers or nylon brushes that remove excess dispensed material. 1-888-332-6451
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The VGR Series Packaging System from Colborne is capable of picking and placing up to 600 pieces per minute per cell. It uses the latest in side mount Scara Robotics that offers competitive speeds to traditional high speed pick and place robots, but with more versatility in payload and reach. The VGR has a unique side mount, enabling the robots to work faster with less stress and pick from a wider area on the product conveyor. 1-847-37s1-0101
Booth #2505
Inline Plastics introduces the Valu Pack line, featuring 10 utility foodservice containers ideal for merchandising baked goods like cookies, croissants, turnovers and foodservice takeout. Made from clear OPS material for optimal product visibility and featuring an automation-friendly design for high-volume food processors, the line represents a combination of ideal price and value in the industry. 1-800-826-5567
Intralox highlighted three snack food conveying solutions at SNAXPO 2004 in Philadelphia. Bucket elevator retrofits, bucket flights that replace scoop flights on inclines and a new abrasion resistant belt system will be featured. Intralox's Series 1700 Flush Grid Abrasion Resistant belt system is projected to provide 10 times longer belt life, and the bucket elevator retrofits lasts five times longer than traditional roller chain systems, reducing replacement costs and helping to increase throughput and efficiency. On inclines, Intralox's exclusive bucket flights securely enclose batches of delicate snack foods for intact arrival at the end of the line. Product damage is cut in half, and while bucket flights cost the same as scoop flights, they return a higher value. 1-800-535-8848
Booth # 4363
The Model WR-1500-EPW automated pallet washer from Douglas Machines is a tunnel washer that will wash, rinse and optionally sanitize 50 to 100 pallets per hour depending on soil condition. The machine is available with either gas steam or washer heating and is 10 feet long. 1-800-331-6870
Dough Dividers from Oshikiri Corporation of America (OCA) are designed specifically for use in mass bread production line. The DKM Models are tough dividers capable of standing up to the roughest conditions of long hours of operation. The DKM Models include Automatic Oiling, oil level alarm, central lubrication, variable speed and outfeed conveyor, flour duster, remote control and more. 1-800-566-7327
Booth # 3629
Shaffer Auto Dough Transfer Systems allow manufacturers to automate the portioning and transfer of dough from mixer to make-up equipment while fully protecting the integrity of the dough. The unique hopper design with a hopper cutout allows the chunker to fit most mixers without height adjustments, and the blade placement in the hopper eliminates bridging. The conveyor belt transfers eliminates gapping and excess heat problems caused by the screw pump, and with fast, easy belt removal for cleaning and maintenance, there is no need to elevate the conveyor. The machine has all stainless steel construction for top quality performance and hygiene. 1-630-257-5200
Booth # 3919
Taylor Products, a division of Magnum Systems added another key product to its capabilities, the Flexible Auger Conveyor. It is a simple but ruggedly designed conveyor with one moving part capable of transporting a wide range of free-flowing powders, granules or pellets safely and reliably anywhere in a plant. It features fast, effective and economical conveying, four to 40 feet distances, speeds of up to 800 cubic feet per hour and more. 1-888-882-9567
The new Double Ring Slicing Head from Urschel is available with new Model CC Slicers and for use with installed Model CC Slicers in the field. The patented head features shoes housing the knife/knife holder, which are adjustable at both the upper and lower support rings. The improved head design increases slice accuracy and reduces downtime associated with routine knife replacement and alignment. 1-219-464-4811
Booth # 2215
Paramount Farms uses SonoWrap single wrap pack from Sonoco for its groundbreaking holiday promotion of the upscale Sunkist branded nuts. The latest in rigid paperboard containers combines exceptional graphics and special effects, consumer-pleasing features and high performance in a single solution. The large-format SonoWrap pack is a 110x97x172mm cup that can hold 14 oz. of dry roasted California pistachios. The package is a single laminated structure composed of paperboard with a choice of liner material, from low, medium to high. The structure is printed then die cut and formed into the proper shape. 1-800-5-SONOCO
The new OK Superformer 2 meets tough flexibility requirements with a simple and easy-to-use case erector. It is a complete machine as standard, and benefits include enhanced production efficiency and flexibility, consistency for automatic lines and improved cosmetics, ease of set up, training and operation, clean and durable finish and is operator friendly and reliable. Some of the standard specifications are automatic box squaring, low taper or box alarm, one turn of a handle to change four adjustment points and stainless steel construction. 1-800-521-2908
The Douglas Machine Model BDW-1-HD is a compact, easy-to-install workhorse designed to remove stubborn food soil from barrels, drums and other reusable containers up to 26-in. in diameter and 38-in. tall. The process works by re-circulating wash water through the high velocity, stainless steel "V" jets. With an average wash/rinse cycle of just five minutes, clean-up is quick and economical. Available with a protruding spray nozzle for bunged hole barrels and electric, gas or steam heating, the advanced BDW-1-HD is easy to use. 1-800-331-6870
With the Bun Pan Shaker from Burford, precise bun location in the cup is obtained with the adjustable patented 572 Controller. The machine minimizes cripples by gently shaking inaccurately panned dough pieces into the pan. The Bun Pan Shaker is available with stainless steel conveyor and self-centering guides, a variable speed motor drive and positive dough placement. It also has simple controls for shake speed, pan position, number of shakes and dough position, and an easy, pan-type setup for all controls. 1-877-BURFORD
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The Shaffer Open Frame Single Sigma Arm Mixer has a solid stainless steel #304 product zone of bowl, agitator and canopy. Ideal for rotary cookie doughs, crackers, wire cut doughs, muffins, fillings, corn masa products, sweet doughs and granola bars, the mixer has a two-speed high torque TEFC motor and a hydraulic bowl tilt with dual cylinders. It also comes with options for stainless steel refrigeration jacket, sanitary bowl drain, ingredient door in canopy, adjustable frequency drive and swing arm control station. 1-630-257-5200
Booth # 3919
The new Two Position Micrometer from Spray Dynamics eliminates hand adjustments and the PLC changes the pump volume. Features include a new automatic adjustment, a manual volume adjustment MSI pump, and an automatic volume adjustment MSI pump. Controls depend on existing model and will need a quote. 1-800-260-7366
Unifiller recently introduced its "direct-from-bowl" depositor at the iba show in Germany. Aptly named SPOT, the depositor effectively draws products like batters, fillings and sauces directly from the mixing bowls or buckets. The revolutionary depositing system is designed to meet the needs of any bakery, regardless of size. 1-888-733-8444
Booth # 4121
The EPI 3-Dimensional inserter is the latest innovation in EPI's inserter line and includes the ability to run pieces that are 1-in. thick, 6-in. long and up to 4-in. wide. The inserter uses a continuous bandolier format to facilitate easy, quick feeding. It separates up to 200 pieces per minute smoothly and accurately. The continuous pieces are fed from a box or spool, separated, then dispensed into the consumer package. EPI's 3-D inserter is adaptable to most industries and can be customized to a wide variety of packaging equipment. 1-800-755-8344
Belt Storage Systems from Meyer provide a complete, controllable process for the supply of product points downstream. They can be customized to meet special requirements, including capacities ranging from 500 to 70,000-lbs. with sidewall construction of stainless or mild steel and any combination of feed and discharge options. Excellent with both free and non-free flowing products, Meyer belt storage systems can handle the unique requirements of non-free flowing products that other storage methods cannot. 1-210-736-1811
Intralox has upgraded its popular small-pitch Series 1100 Flat Top belt for use with EZ Track sprockets. The belt features a new underside design that eliminates the risk of sprocket disengagement, improves belt tracking, greatly simplifies sprocket placement and makes cleaning easier and more effective. The new design incorporates a continuous cross section instead of dedicated drive pockets, so Series 1100 EZ Track sprockets can be placed anywhere across the width of the belt. The Series 1100 Flat Top belt's strength, weight, pitch, etc., have not changed with the upgrade. 1-800-535-8848
Booth # 4363
Sonoco introduced its Lid Lasso cap at PLMA 2003. The cap is a new handling and hanging option designed to give single-serve composite cans and plastic cups premium in-store placement on the snack aisle and at point of sale. The Lid Lasso cap is designed with a simple loop feature that allows the can or cup to be displayed in premium positions on racks in high traffic, high volume retail outlets such as convenience stores where customers buy products with a grab 'n go mentality. It is available in a variety of colors to complement customers' brand graphics. Optimal size is 307 diameter or smaller, though there are also designs that can be used as a handle for 502 and 603 sizes. 1-800-5-SONOCO
The new OK Pouchpack from O/K International is an automatic pouch-handling system. The system automatically takes pouches from a magazine, rotates them for easy filling and then rotates them again to a pouch sealer. The machine is compact and user-friendly, with easy calibration. It is available in fully automatic or semi-automatic, with application flexibility and changeover. 1-800-521-2908
Shick offers the IQC (Insertable Quick Change) Dust Collector. The machine uses PTFE membrane filters that last significantly longer than traditional filter bags, can be changed without tools and have very low emissions. The IQC is ideally suited for dust collection applications that are difficult to maintain. Other benefits include easy accessibility, height reduction, quick change filters, and cleanable elements. The IQC Dust Collectors can be mounted on top of silos or on the side of use bins or scale hoppers, and are available in carbon steel or 304 stainless steel construction. 1-877-744-2587
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Speed, product consistency and versatility are key to NuTEC Manufacturing's Simply Dependable 710 Forming Machine. The USDA-approved 710 provides excellent weight control and gentle product handling for a variety of food products. It operates with minimal wear and maintenance, is operator-friendly and easy to use, and comes with a one-year parts warranty.
Booth # 142
Colborne introduces its new Paper Insertion and In-Pan Portioning technology. Specifically engineered for both cheesecake and pie applications, the slip-sheet paper insertion capability has over 99% feed efficiency. The ultrasonic cutting in-pan portioning has speeds of up to 40 pies or cakes and 960 portions per minute. Both features are available individually or in combination with each other. 1-847-371-0101
Heat and Control Batch Fryers combine traditional low temperature frying with modern temperature control and automatic batch stirring to produce superior hard-bite kettle-style potato chips. Under-pan gas fired design provides uniform cooking with minimal oil depth for rapid oil turnover. The improved oil quality produces chips with a fresher taste and longer shelf life. Finished batches are automatically cleared from the fryer and transferred to its drain conveyor. Batch Fryers are available in models for 150 to 360 finished pounds per hour. 1-800-227-5980
Booth # 3850
The launch of TNA's "new look" Web site presents plenty of exciting new features including online brochures, videos, news on the latest packaging technology and a newsletter subscription service. The new Web site features an enhanced navigation system designed to make the site user-friendly by making information accessible with minimum clicks and quick download times. The Web site gives the user instant access to TNA's product range with news on the latest ROBAG VFFS system, multi-head weigher, date coder and metal detector. 1-972-462-6500
Morrison Timing Screw Co. introduces its new miniature version of the timing screw drive unit. Designed to transfer, turn, index or dwell a container, Morrison's expertly engineered drive units provide an easy answer to these often complicated line issues. The new "mini" drive is designed with the same ease-of-use in mind, but is specially geared toward smaller containers. It features a sealed gearbox, stainless steel hardware and exclusively designed seamless timing screws – all contributing to make the "mini" approved for use in clean rooms. 1-708-756-6660
The fully automatic Vacuum Packaging Machine from Rollstock offers simple reliability in a low-cost machine. These packaging machines are readily available and provide reduced cost of ownership. Available in a variety of web widths from 285 mm to 459 mm, all Rollstock machines feature programmable PLC controls with readable diagnostics and a vacuum leak check program. The chain system is guided and has an auto -tensioning system to reduce stretch and wear. In addition, Rollstock offers a variety of accessories like a flying or guillotine cross-cut knife system, hole punching, photo electric registration, code dating, auto labeling and gas flushing. 1-888-314-2152
The Winchester Smooth-Flo Chute from A.C. Horn & Co. has no cross seams or ridges to impede the flow of product. The constant velocity design ensures that the product acceleration can be controlled, virtually eliminating product degradation at decline and transfer. The spiral chutes are custom-designed for dimensional targets, unique product flow characteristics and/or special process requirements. Custom options include bin filler and hopper assemblies, retractable bin and tote filler systems and mounting. 1-800-657-6155
From the Floor
FastBack Efficiency
Heat and Control recently introduced the FastBack® 260E horizontal-motion conveyor, which delivers twice the product transfer rate (up to 40 ft/min) of comparable conveyors and can handle heavy loads (up to 60,000 lbs./hr) without bogging down.
Now, processors can increase throughput and achieve cleaner, gentler product handling than is possible using vibratory or belt conveyors. FastBack horizontal-motion conveyors are being installed in more and more snack and bakery plants because they reduce product damage, cut the loss and build-up of seasonings and coatings, end mid-shift pan cleaning, lower noise levels, require a lighter, less expensive support framework, and maintain pre-mixed blends.
To find out more about the advantages of using the FastBack conveyors, turn to the feature story on Poore Brothers (page 14). 1-800-227-5980
Packing Perfection
Whenever automation is upgraded, there's inevitably an increase in efficiency. Thus, when a process is speeded up, it often affects operations around it. This can be seen when, for example, the bagging operation of a snack food producer moves to a higher level of automation and causes a speed bump further down the line, in packing.
Blue Print Automation Inc.'s solution is the robotic vertical packer. Designed to operate in a high-speed environment while gently handling fragile product containers, such as bags filled with potato chips, the robotic packer is built for simplicity. Based on the vacuum (suction cup), not the mechanical, mode of operation, it typically handles 135 bags per minute, though it is rated to run at much higher speeds.
Easy to sanitize, the robotic packer is designed for quick clean-up. Sturdy and durable, the equipment is engineered for long-lasting operation, yet it is built to be flexible, allowing for quick changeovers — to accommodate bag sizes ranging from 1/2 oz. all the way up to 22 ozs. — on the same machine.
Moreover, in this day and age of heightened anxieties about food security, the robotic vertical packer's great benefit lies in its ability to case, load and close without requiring any human involvement in the packing process.
Another important feature of the robotic vertical packer is the inclusion of a seal checker. As its name suggests, its purpose is to catch broken seals, unsealed or partially sealed bags. By eliminating all improperly formed seals, the risk of product spilling into cases is virtually eliminated too.
And just as important as all these benefits, the robotic vertical packer has a minimal footprint — especially important in facilities where space is at a premium.