Breadworks Works Better With Dorner

In 1996, Pittsburgh-based BreadWorks streamlined its Kaiser roll line by installing new equipment and automating its processes. The upgrade allowed for a productivity increase from 60 dozen rolls per hour to 480 dozen per hour, getting the job done with two employees instead of four.
A set of Dorner 6100 Series conveyors installed in 2001 supported the product line. Since BreadWorks’ applications call for daily wiping and cleaning of conveyors, a new line of Dorner conveyors is proving to be a better fit for the baking company.
BreadWorks, a 25-year-old baking company known for its artisan bread, took advantage of an opportunity to replace its 6100 Series with Dorner’s new AquaPruf line of sanitary conveyors. Introduced in October 2003, AquaPruf conveyors are the first conveyor platform designed solely for the food and medical industries. AquaPruf conveyors are the lowest-profile sanitary conveyors on the market. These stainless-steel conveyors have oversized, sealed bearings and can take high-pressure washings with water, soap, bleach, chlorine, alcohol or foaming chlorine cleaner without causing those bearings or other important components to corrode.
After more than six months of operation, the two new AquaPruf conveyors on BreadWorks’ Kaiser roll line are showing promising results.
“That’s one of the things I like about Dorner, they are always improving and listening to any issues we have and trying to engineer an even better product,” says Dave Thomas, partner and supervisor of maintenance at BreadWorks. “Dorner has been responsive to our needs, such as with these new conveyors, … and we appreciate that.”
BreadWorks is working better with Dorner conveyors, the best thing to come around since sliced bread. 1-800-397-8664.