Packaging by Design, Inc. can Produce 10-color Flexo Packaging With its Five Six-color Flexo Presses and Three Adhesive Laminators. in Addition, the Company can Produce Both Line and Four-color Process Rollstock Packaging Materials for Food and Pharmaceutical Applications. Packaging by Design can Complete Short and Long Runs at Reasonable Prices, is Capable of Producing a Solvent-free Product, Stocks Inventories for its Customers, can Develop Design Concepts and Maintains Strict Quality Control.

Douglas Machines Corp. is the leader in washing and sanitation systems. Its GCW-1 Garbage Can Washer is a compact, easy-to-install workhorse, designed to clean the inside and rinse the outside of open-ended containers up to 24 in. wide by 36 in. tall. The system features innovations including a pushbutton control and digital display information center. The company’s BDW-1-HD Barrel/Drum Washer is essential for washing and sanitizing food soils from barrels, drums and other reusable containers up to 26 in. wide and 38 in. tall. This system is very efficient, featuring a rugged, hinged-door design and heavy-duty 7 1/2 HP pump, and is compact with a width of 49 in.

Intralox’s new Series 2700 Spiralox belt is the only modular plastic belt designed to convey small products in spiral freezing and cooling applications. The new belt eliminates extra labor and alterations associated with spiral retrofits. In addition, the belt combines the benefits of modular plastic construction with superior product protection, which reduces downtime and ensures the quality of bakery spiral applications. Other benefits include 50% less product waste, 75% less maintenance, longer belt life, high capacity and easier cleaning.

NuTEC Manufacturing offers an all-hydraulic, microprocessor-controlled, multi-outlet forming machine — the NuTEC 745. The system is built tough and is reliable, efficient and easy-to-maneuver plant-wide. The 745 combines accurate weight control, minimum leakage and quick changeovers with mobility. In addition, a unique NuTEC vane-pump feed system utilizes a rotating spiral to gently move product to the rotor eliminating overworking of product, bridging and backflow. The 745 vane-pump feeds directly to the mold plate cavity, and can portion up to 5,000 lbs. of product including a variety of meat and cheese fillings for hot and savory snacks per hour. Its portable design ensures ease of sanitation.

Colborne’s UltraCut 6000 is setting the standard in the high speed, ultrasonic portioning of snack cakes, breakfast bars and other bakery foods. The system’s features include the ability to make 600 cuts per minute, blades positioned within 1/32 of an inch of product and consistently clean, accurate cuts. Combine those properties with low maintenance costs and titanium construction (to eliminate product contamination), and the UltraCut 6000 offers a significant package of benefits. The UltraCut 6000 is quickly becoming the machine of choice for many companies thinking of upgrading their high-speed portioning operations.

Savage Bros. Co.’s new FireMixer is everything you need for high-batch production, superior control and maximum flexibility in one machine. It includes benefits such as an agitator for double action, counter-rotation, spring-loaded scrapers, copper or stainless-steel kettles, ceramic insulation to minimize heat loss, a hydraulic lift mechanism, variable speed drive, stainless-steel drip pan, manual gas throttle system and more.

Ryan Technology, Inc.’s new Kwik Lok Stand is a mobile, adjustable stand for 873 Model automatic bag-closing machines. Not only can it reduce back injuries, it can make your existing Kwik Lok system much easier to move. Standard features include 3-in. casters with locks, a nickel-plated steel frame and adjustability for customized height and lift.

The optimal machine for stiff, elastic dough is the new Double Lane Cornucopia WN066 from Rheon. The system is known as the encrusting machine that combines the capacity of two machines into one. The machine can produce stiff dough products such as bagels or pretzels continuously and uniformly. The Cornucopia is versatile and suitable for a variety of applications such as bread dough and savory products, and is capable of producing value-added products with high productivity.

Dorner Manufacturing has pre-configured kits of key service parts for all of its conveyor products in order to better assist its customers. The time-saving kits are easy to order, are designed for fast installation and guarantee having the right parts on hand when they’re most needed. Some kits include drive and idler spindle kits. In most cases, Dorner can ship parts the same day they are ordered. In the event that receiving parts the next day will be too late, the new kit is a customer’s speediest option.

Casa Herrera, Inc.introduces its new Magna Series Sheeter Head. Its features include heavy-duty series rollers, micro-bevel roller replacement, double spherical roller bearings, AC inverter speed control, tongue and groove hopper inserts, an open stainless-steel mounting frame and more. Among its oven features are a proportional combustion system, patented longitudinal burners, independent burner flame adjust, double-wall insulated hood lift and much more.

AMCOR, a Sydney-based packaging company, introduces its TrayBon packaging technology to the United States, Canada and Mexico. The packaging can go down the line, into the oven and with just the addition of a paperboard or acrylic lid, straight to the customer. The release-coated products can be manufactured in various configurations including full, sheets, loaf pans and even a unique muffin tray. Custom sizes and shapes also can be provided.
Major features include the ability to be shipped flat and automatically erected, a leak-proof lower surface with no holes or slots and a high-quality, FDA-approved release coating. All configurations are rigid and stackable after baking, permitting ease of transport and display.

KESS Industries introduces the newest addition to its equipment line, the Donut Coating Tumbler, suitable for applying sugar and seasonings to bakery and snack products. Its simple design is user-friendly. Operators need simply pour dry coating into the drum, feed product at the infeed and watch as evenly coated product comes out the other end. With minimal parts and heavy-duty construction, the tumbler is easy to clean. Two versions are available, the DCT-100, which can process 100 dozen donuts per hour, and the DCT-300, which can process 300 dozen donuts per hour. Additional drums and a support cart on casters are optional features.

APV Baker unveils new technology enabling a range of extruded snacks to be produced as sugar-free products. Sugar-free production technology can be applied to the wide range of snacks produced on APV’s twin-screw extruders. For coated products, the company offers a range of equipment including syrup skids, coating drums and dryers, which now have the ability to operate in both sugar-based and sugar-free modes, with simple interchange between the two. This capability can also be retrofitted to existing plant.

Wire Belt Co. of America announces the Flex-Turn 480, the newest conveyor belt in Wire Belt’s CarrySmart line of conveyors. The Flex-Turn 480 provides superior support and tighter transfer, making it ideal for handling small and delicate products. Stainless-steel construction, fully exposed drive assembly and reverse bend tapered blanks permit easy visual inspections of the entire conveying area, making the Flex-Turn 480 one of the most hygienic conveyors available for the food-processing industry. Like all products in the CarrySmart line, the Flex-Turn 480 is made with Flat-Flex stainless-steel belting and is customizable. Customers can specify conveyor height and the direction of product travel along the belt. Angles from 40 degrees to 180 degrees also can be supplied.

Single-serve desserts, muffins, cupcakes and more can be deposited accurately and efficiently with Unifiller’s easy-to-use multi-head depositor. Unifiller also manufactures standard depositors and custom production lines.

Walk-in trucks are turning a new corner with the new W42 platform from Workhorse Custom Chassis. It boasts a new International VT 275 V-6 diesel engine that brings 200 horsepower and 440 ft.-lbs. of torque into the service of walk-in applications. Significant changes include state-of-the-art, high-performance Brembo four-wheel disc brakes, a new Westport Wide Track I-Beam front axle with a full 50-degree wheel cut, an upgraded transmission for its diesel application, parabolic taper leaf suspension springs, a bigger radiator and cooling fan and much more.

In response to the growing demand for a compact, low-cost, automated pallet washer, Douglas Machines Corp. introduces its new Model WR-1500-EPW. The tunnel washer can wash, rinse and optionally sanitize 50 to 100 pallets per hour depending on soil condition. The model is available with gas or steam water heating.

Available free-of-charge is the new How to Cut Food and Related Products book from Urschel. The book offers processors 116 pages of helpful information, and presents an updated alphabetical listing of many different food products along with a reference to different types of Urschel cutters that are suitable depending on the application.

Meyer Machine Co. offers many types of screening conveyors to fit a multitude of processing applications. Its wide range of vibratory drives allows for the optimum in flexibility and performance. Drives can be supplied in a fixed speed or variable speed for complete process control. Screen selection is virtually unlimited and the drives also can be arranged for fixed installation or quick release for fast and easy changeout.

Hinds-Bock Corp. introduces its new servo-driven fruit-spreading machine — ideal for dispensing and spreading delicate fruit products containing large particulates such as cobbler and pie filling without damaging large fruit pieces. The machine gives uniform lead-edge to trail-edge side-to-side coverage without plugging or bridging, which eliminates labor typically associated with hand-spreading. A friendly operator interface panel with servo drive allows the operator to tune the deposit amount and speed. A positive shut-off mechanism ensures clean deposits.

Thermo Electron Corp. has developed a revolutionary contamination detection system to fill the gap between traditional magnetic metal detectors and full-featured x-ray imaging systems in the food packaging industry — the Goring Kerr EZx. Providing a new method for detecting foreign objects in packaged food production lines, the Goring Kerr EZx offers the simplicity of a metal detector, a low total cost of ownership and the enhanced detection capability/sensitivity of an X-ray system.

Burford’s Servo Twist Tyer offers practical solutions through innovative technologies. Acclaimed as the No. 1 consumer-preferred closure, the system’s benefits include a package-recognition system, automatic timing, easy threading and a durable design. The user-friendly modular system is the most economical closure machine, and can be used for multiple applications at a rate of 100 bpm or more.

The Pro Proofer 7000 from Revent offers the ultimate in baking technology. It can accommodate one to six single racks or one to four double racks of product with perfect humidity levels and temperatures, as a result of its filtered air-wash system. All elements ensure consistent product. The system’s modular stainless-steel construction offers hydraulic doors, controls at eye level, interior and exterior bumper guards and 2-in. thick polystyrene insulation. In addition, no flushing of the humidifier is required.

Hinds-Bock Corp. introduces an automatic bucket and tub filling and lidding system. Since 1976, Hinds-Bock has been dedicated to meeting the needs of the baking industry with its high-quality piston-filling/depositing equipment and systems.

Casa Herrera, Inc.’s TP4242 programmable flour tortilla press is equipped with automation direct PLC and interactive touchscreen. The system’s production capacity is from 630 to 2520 Dz/H, for 6-in. to 14-in. tortillas. Features include a 20-hp. hydraulic power unit, stainless-steel frame and conveyor, three-zone temperature control for top and bottom plates, Teflon belt indexing controlled by fiber-optic sensor and much more. An optional press maximizer adds 220% more throughput of product, continuous flow into the oven in order to reduce gaps, extended oven dwell time and a cooling conveyor.

The Burford PS-2 Pattern Splitter is designed to provide eye-catching splits to an array of baked goods and can be programmed to produce a variety of exciting split patterns. No pan delays are required as pans flow continuously through this system. In addition, the system is completely automatic.

Colborne’s high-speed cake depositing line uses a combination of features, including servo cup de-nesting, multiple depositing stations and magnetic conveyor properties. Colborne’s line is the latest in high-speed make up systems for cake-based products. Its unique design can produce cake-based products at a speed of up to 30 pans per minute. The revolutionary system design also offers flexibility without sacrificing speed and its C-frame allows users to introduce different depositing layers or to offer different products on the same make up line.