APV Baker introduces its new Efficiently Designed Em390 Rotary Moulder With a Range of Standard Features, Including Outboard Drive Mechanisms for Easy Access and Fast Cleaning, “on-the-fly” Knife Adjustment for Fast Setup and Minimal Weight Variation, Advanced Rubber Roll Pressure Adjustment and Fast Belt Changes. 1-616-784-3111.

Luebeck, Germany-based Krueger & Salecker presents the MFT 200/300 moulding machine, designed for the production of high-quality pralines. This efficient system ensures low-investment costs, enabling even the smallest operation to purchase this state-of-the-art machine. A variety of items can be produced on the machine, including marzipan (with nuts or fruit), fudge, soft cracknel and coconut. The moulder’s hopper has a capacity of about 55 lbs. and its roller has a working width of 200 mm to 300 mm, depending on customer specifications. Krueger & Salecker produces a wide range of confectionery machinery for use in conveying, extrusion, figure moulding, rolling, powder drums, belt sprinklers, dosing channels and more.

Fritsch U.S.A. pizza lines offer innovation throughout the process and minimize downtime during production. Innovations include an automatic flour duster feeder, cutting roller magazine, hydraulic pizza press and tomato sauce dosing heads. The feeder is equipped with a sensor that automatically refills the flour dusters. The cutting roller unit carries up to three cutting rollers, and when line dimensions or shapes are changed, another cutting roller is available from the magazine, eliminating stoppage to change rollers. Moreover, the line’s dosing heads have high weight precision and are individually controlled. If a pizza base is missing on the line, the heads will turn off automatically until another base is in place. 1-210-491-9309.

The Delta Systems’ New Hawk flow-wrapper incorporates unequaled machine hardware and software functionality for a mid-range wrapper.  The system has an integrated machine controller running all motion, logic and touchscreen functions. It uses fiber optic-controlled servos, resulting in a reliable machine control platform. The Hawk is available with a wide variety of infeeds at speeds up to 250 ppm.  Standard features include stainless-steel construction for easy washdown, color touchscreen with built-in Soft PLC and recipe editor functions. 1-479-631-2210.

Habasit introduces its M1220 GripTop 0.5, a new high-friction HabasitLINK plastic modular belt. The M1220 allows for steep incline and decline conveyors, making it ideal for all material handling applications where high product adhesion is required. It is also available with white food-quality rubber for carrying wrapped or unwrapped food products. The M1220 can easily operate up to a 25° incline, depending on product material, shape and density. With a nosebar diameter of only 16 mm, tight transfers are easily achieved. 1-800-458-6431.

Following the successful launch of the new ROBAG 3 series of machines earlier this year, TNA Robag is ready to raise production to the power of three with the launch of a triple-jaw version of its Rotary Jaw system. The new triple jaw boasts great performance speeds in excess of 220 bags per minute, waste rates of less than 1% and flexibility with a wide range of bag widths. 1-972-462-6500.

Hinds-Bock viscous product fillers are ideal for peanut butter, cheese, cream cheese, butter, grease and other difficult-to-handle products. Hinds-Bock vertical piston fillers take a minimum amount of conveyor line space and feature a pressure-fed intake system, complete self-viscous, contained heat system, which maintains product temperature, diving spouts for bottom-up filling, and PLC controls. 1-425-885-1183.

Create new walk-through access for employees in the plant with pivot conveyors from Dorner Manufacturing Corp. The conveyors are part of Dorner’s Engineering Specials Program (ESP), which gives extra attention to building conveyors with unique dimensions and characteristics. Pivot conveyors are ideal for applications that have long conveyor lines stretching across plant floors, hindering access for employees. Pivot conveyors allow the conveyor to swing either left or right to create walk-through access. 1-800-379-8664.

The NuTEC 760 by NuTEC Manufacturing is a hydraulic food-forming system that eliminates mechanical parts, reducing downtime, minimizing maintenance and lowering repair costs. The system provides accurate weights, minimum leakage and rapid changeover while processing hard-to-form products. The 760’s Vane Pump feed system portions up to 6,000 lbs. of product per hour with minimal product working and has a rotating spiral that moves product toward the rotor. The Vane Pump feeds directly to the mold plate cavity without product backflow or bridging, and its hopper can accommodate 600 lbs. of product. Custom mold plates can be designed. 1-815-722-2800.

T.L. Green, a division of Reading Bakery Systems, introduces its new Servo Cut Sheet Laminator. The laminator uses servo precision to accurately cut, stack and deliver sheeted dough to downstream reduction and forming equipment. The precise placement of cut sheets provides uniform dough density at both the edges and center of the finished cracker sheet and eliminates problems associated with traditional “lapper” technology. The system accepts a continuous dough sheet, cuts it into individual sheets with a rotary knife and layers those sheets with a reciprocating conveyor. The system can be installed as an integrated part of an existing sheeting system or can stand alone. 1-610-693-5816.

Rademaker Laminators have a reputation for the highest quality. Whether fully or semi-automatic, installations for puff pastry and yeast doughs are based on the latest techniques and technology including full PLC control if required. Variables such as capacities, working widths and number of layers are carried out with customer needs in mind. Rademaker Laminators can be combined with other Rademaker systems including dough-handling equipment, make-up systems and croissant machinery. 1-330-650-2345.

The reliable and space-efficient Compak II from Kliklok Woodman is a modernization of one of the industry’s leading bagmakers. This system offers the same compact footprint as the original along with the capacity for maximum output. The system can produce a maximum bag width of 250 mm, has a cutting-edge operator interface, Insight, and has been updated with advanced electronic and servo motors for lowered maintenance and accuracy. 1-770-981-5200.

Accu-Proof proofing systems from I.J. White produce optimal product quality and uniformity by maintaining constant temperature and humidity levels within +/-2°F within the complete proofing zone. This allows for greater flexibility in determining precise conditions for multi-product lines. Other features include multi-path airflow, precise product positioning, advanced sanitation systems, plated bearings, an insulated enclosure, closed-end welded tubing, centralized system control and personnel safety alert system. 1-516-293-2211.

The 613-VS Multislicer by J.E. Grote Co. is ideal for today’s snack food and baking industry. It provides exceptional slice quality and consistency when used to slice bread products, and is specifically suited for bagel chip applications. The 613-VS produces clean slices at production speeds between 60 to 90 strokes per minute, per lane. The system incorporates a portable, user-friendly design with stainless-steel construction. Sloped surfaces and easily removable parts allow for thorough cleaning of all product residue. 1-888-534-7683.

Packaging By Design introduces its new 10 Color Press, the Flexographic NEOFLEX 10120GL. The system’s gearless servo-controlled configuration allows for quick changeovers, higher running speeds, improved registration and print resolution. Print widths are up to 45 in. All print inks and adhesives employ environmentally friendly water-based systems. 1-847-741-5600.

Heat and Control’s new FastBack 260E conveyor delivers twice the product travel rate of comparable conveyors, which is advantageous for horizontal motion conveying for producers of high flow rate products. The system’s drive unit can handle pans up to 35-ft. long, and is ideal for snacks, baked products and more. The conveyor’s powerful but gentle slow forward/fast back drive motion reduces product build-up in the conveyor pan, eliminates product segregation and “sifting” of product. A single plug-in power module and easy access to the system’s drive components make installation and maintenance a snap. 1-800-227-5980.

Wire Belt, a leading developer of advanced belting solutions, will feature its patented C-CureEdge — unique, open-mesh, stainless steel wire belting — and the new CarrySmart line of conveyors at SNAXPO 2005, booth #1020. C-CureEdge’s closed-loop ends offer fast installation and repair time and minimize the risk for accidents caused by sharp open ends. The system eliminates snags and tangles, and the belts are sanitary and easy to clean. CarrySmart conveyors are constructed from stainless steel, which are ideal for the food processing industry. The CarrySmart line includes Flex-Turn, Flat-Flex Straight, Flat-Flex Shuttle Conveyors and CarrySmart Spreader or Converger Specialty Conveyors. CarrySmart conveyors offer a stable conveying surface that is easy to clean and maintain. The conveyors are able to maintain product orientation around turns and offer full product support. 1-800-922-2637.

SpanTech LLC introduces its new WhisperTrax Wedge Conveyor. The dual-chain design allows users to incline or decline product in a small footprint, saving floor space. Configurable for a wide range of applications, the continuous gripping chain crimps product at the in-feed and transports it in a variable angle of incline or decline up to 90°. Models are manually adjustable for fixed positions or fully adjustable with a hand crank. Variable speed ranges are available, and elevation changes up to 30 ft. are possible. Two models are offered with options to fit almost any application. 1-270-651-9166.

Dipix Technologies has a family of automated food inspection systems that provide customers with 2D, 3D and color measurements that show exactly what is happening to product continuously, accurately and reliably. Dipix has over 100 systems installed in a variety of bakeries, providing a wide range of capabilities and benefits such as automated 100% inspection systems with individual piece rejection, real-time process and product data for plant operators, more accurate and easier QA and lab procedures, automated QA and plant performance reports, integration of weight, moisture, and other data into production reporting, and trending and better control of product specifications and quality data. Dipix equipment can contribute to process and quality improvements in food manufacturing facilities in a positive way. 1-613-596-4942.

Belt Storage Systems from Meyer Machine provide a complete, controllable process for the supply of product points downstream. Meyer Belt Storage Systems can be customized to meet special requirements, including capacities ranging from 500 to 70,000 pounds with sidewall construction of stainless or mild steel and any combination of feed and discharge options. This system works well with both free and non-free flowing products. 1-210-736-1811.

The latest model of O/K International’s T-PAKTM 550 system is equipped with a flat conveyor and a foam compression belt. The bag, containing product, travels down the conveyor to a foam compression belt, which removes air from the bag without harming the product. The bag then enters the OK Supersealer for that “perfect seal.”

Hinds-Bock single- or multiple-piston Servo Filler/Depositors are ideal for applications where product shape or spreading are important. Servo motor control of pistons gives operators infinite control of piston movement for a new flow. Hinds-Bock Filler/Depositors interface with check-weighers and are designed for automatic adjustment of depositor weights. 1-877-292-5715.  

When an application calls for a roller conveyor in a demanding sanitary environment, look no further than the Sanitary Gravity Roller conveyor from Dorner Manufacturing Corp. Sanitary Gravity Roller conveyors are part of Dorner’s Engineering Specials Program (ESP), which gives extra attention to building conveyors with unique dimensions and characteristics. The conveyors feature an all-stainless-steel construction, meaning users can wash the machine down with water, soap and other cleaning agents without the worry or rust or corrosion to critical components. Also, there are no horizontal surfaces on the conveyor, eliminating potential collection points for food or other items. 1-800-397-8664.

Campbell Wrapper Corp. introduces two new innovations — Pioneer ServoFlo Horizontal Wrapper with AB controls and high-speed Legacy Electronic Horizontal Wrapper with Indramat drive and controls. The machines feature digital film feed servo drive, sanitary modular design, quick changeover, servo cutting head drive for accurate cutoff and touch-screen controls. 1-920-983-7100.

Circle Packaging’s newV22S Dry/Solid Products pouching machine works at speeds up to 500 packages per minute. Circle incorporates Allen-Bradley drive and control systems to increase speed and efficiency on this full servo vertical machine. The control system minimizes operator changeover time and is available for many dry/solid product applications. 1-920-983-3420.

MIWE America LLC
 presents an air-control system for its roll-in rack oven. The volume of air is controlled through the variable opening of a louver between the baking chamber and the heat exchanger compartment. The robust louver offers several benefits — closing without delay, not blowing steam through the heat exchanger (saving 10% heat energy), less water is necessary and air speed in the bake chamber can be adjusted to suit the baking needs of each specific product in phases throughout the bake cycle. 1-908-904-0221.
New Mold-to-width Radius Belts From Intralox are Developed to Equip pan Line Curves and Facilitate Easy Retrofits of High-maintenance Steel or Plastic Chains. the new Belts Allow Plants to Specify a Single, Durable Belt for Both Straight Runs and Curves. Features are a Minimum Turning Radius of 18 In., Elimination of pan Wear, rod Support Across the Full Width of the Belt to Prevent Breakage, no Metal Contamination and no Lubrication Necessary. Other Innovations are new Series 2400 Raised rib Belts for pan and Product Handling and ez Roller Retrofit Solutions for Package and Box-handling Lines. 1-800-535-8848.

Schaaf is setting the standard in newly developed embossing machines. Unlike the conventional pillow former, the embossing machine can produce and form “pillows” (filled strands with the ends pressed closed) in the shape of squares, rectangles, triangles, hearts, mini-sticks, almond shapes and more. Schaaf offers extrusions plants where two to four filled strands are produced simultaneously, depending on extruder capacity. Strands traveling from the extruder are fed into the embossing machine and formed according to the shaping set installed. New shaping tools can handle extrudiate with various textures preventing product from bursting or leaking. Other features are a 5.5 KW Spur-Geared 3-Phase Motor, a fan to prevent condensation from forming,  varied roller speed and a switch and control panel.

APV Baker announces its plan to offer custom die coatings in addition to its existing die coating formulations. In addition to stock coating options and technology, APV Baker manufactures its own equipment dies as well as dies for competitors in order to help bakers maximize productivity. 1-616-784-3111.

Wenger Manufacturing, Inc., offers an extruder system for processing food products that couples a back pressure valve (BPV) with an external density chamber (EDC). This new External Density Management System (EDMS) allows increased capacity over vented configurations by as much as 25 to 50 percent. The BPV is mounted on the end of the extruder just prior to the final die. As a result, the operator can adjust specific mechanical energy (SME) and extrusion pressure on-line for control of critical product properties, including bulk density, shape definition, size and uniformity of cell structure, shape definition and water and fat absorption. The new EDC allows the desired pressures to be externally maintained in the knife enclosure by a special airlock through which the product discharges. That reduces product “flash-off expansion, increases density and allows the operator to better control fat absorption properties. The innovative EDMS will be available on a wide variety of Wenger extrusion processing systems, including both single and twin screw extruders.

Christy Machine Co. offers a collection of versatile dispensers that offer a vast range of deposit solutions. 360° Coaters precisely control coatings of 360° or 720° of cylindrical, flat or spherical products. Flex-Top Coaters manage the dispensing of easily separated, granular, cohesive materials, such as grated Parmesan cheese. Roll-Top Dispensers control thick, heavy, cohesive materials, and Round-Top dispensers manage spot depositing on rounded targets or individual round depositors. Bottom coaters dispense coatings for the bottom of products such as cookies. Christy solves many material dispensing requirements in thousands of applications and is an expert in the top-coating and surface-coating fields. 1-888-332-6451.

Spiromatic announces a revolutionary, new in-line cooling process for bulk flour and ingredient systems called Spirocool. This process uses chilled water to cool flour or ingredients. Innovative technology cools down warm bulk products like flour. The Spirocool system has an extremely low operating cost for a homogeneous and high level of cooling (delta t = or higher as 20°C) of the flour. No contact with injected air or other mediums guarantee an unchanged flour quality. After cooling, flour is very light and ideal for mixing with other ingredients. This system can adjust to any new or existing flour- or ingredient-handling system and features a dry-air generator that prevents condensation.
Uniformly apply salt or dry seasonings to snacks, nuts and crackers using Heat and Control’s Belt-Type Flavor Dispenser. Seasonings sift through a moving mesh belt to eliminate lumps, while constant-speed belt vibrators keep the mesh openings clear to prevent clogging. The dispensing rate and volume can be accurately adjusted to uniformly meter seasonings across conveyors up to 60 in. wide. Constructed of stainless steel to USDA sanitation standards, the Belt-Type Flavor Dispenser is designed for fast seasoning changeovers and cleaning. 1-800-227-5980. 

New Servo Twist Tyer from Burford provides a practical and economical solution for bagging needs. This model offers a package recognition system, automatic timing and quick and easy threading. User friendly and durable, the system can seal 100 bpm, has no lubrication requirements and has been named the #1 preferred closure system among consumers. 1-800-654-4530.