Unifiller’s Enrober Coats Cakes, Cookies and Other Baked Goods as They Travel Down a Stainless Wire Belt Conveyor. the Machine’s Patented Reservoir System Keeps Product Loss to a Minimum and is Equipped With an Adjustable Opening on the air Knife. This Feature Helps to Create Even Coatings Before Product is Transferred to Another Station.

At Europain in Paris, the Rademaker Group will feature its new Multibake line. The modular line comes in for varieties: the Multibake D with a directly heated oven, the Multibake I with an impingement oven, the Multibake R with a radiant heating system, and the Multibake H., which is a hybrid line that is comprised of multiple oven types in a single unit. The modular ovens are pre-assemble, reducing start-up time. Morever, the modular design allows the line to be exactly tuned to meet the demands of a specific baking process. Europain runs from April 16-20 in Paris, France.

The Dough Assist Major from Benier, a member of the Kaak Group, is equipped with the unique Eco+ greasing system, which allows for optimum greasing for every kind of dough. Standard features include a frequency controlled drive, stainless steel exterior, Teflonized hopper and hopper foot, integrated electrical cabinet and oil container.

Capway Systems
Inc.’s HiCap-line offers high capacity with low conveyor speeds and reduced slow movements. Each line has solid stainless steel framework and a compact footprint and has a standard design for 800 and 1600 mm-wide trays. Other features include strong elevator chains with aluminum tray carriers, nylon guide profiles to avoid metal on metal contact, spring loaded conveyors, frequency controlled step conveyors, mechanical and electrical safeties. Other tray sizes are available upon request.

Douglas Machines Corp. provides belt washer applications, including spiral conveyors, freezing tunnels, meat fryers/ovens and other belts that allow for drainage. Its Cyclone Belt Washer reduces down time, removes allergens and saves water and labor. The Cyclone’s patented rotating spray head with speed adjustment cuts and removes soils from both the top and bottom in one step. An optional “air blast” blower with portable air knives aids in drying, while optional catch pans collect water for easy routing to a drain.

The Smart Seeder/Topper from Burford provides accurate coverage and seed savings. With one-touch setup, the system automatically adjusts its settings. Features include automatic pan guides, sensor location, hopper, high-quality split water spray system, nozzle height, mandrel recognition and more.

Sydney, Australia-based AMCOR, a packing company, introduces its TrayBon packaging technology in the United States, Canada and Mexico. The packaging is able to go down the line, into the oven (with the addition of a paperboard or acrylic lid) and straight to the customer. The release-coated packaging is available in many configurations including full, 1/2 and 1/4 sheets, loaf pans and even a muffin tray. Custom shapes and sizes are also available. Other features include the ability to be shipped flat and automatically erected, a leak-proof lower surface and Food and Drug Administration-approved release coating.

Biomist, Inc. introduces its Biomist Power Sanitizing System allowing food manufacturers a way to safely power spray production equipment and facilities with a disinfecting solution comprised of concentrated alcohol. The system is very safe — it is not flammable as the spray is enveloped in a cloud of carbon dioxide, cutting off the necessary oxygen for combustion. The Biomist system eliminates 99.9% of surface pathogen and dries rapidly, making it safe for use on corrosible metals and electronics.

EPI’s Clamshell Labeler incorporates a small conveyor with an EPI labeler to dispense and apply labels to the top, front and bottom of a clamshell container. The primary label can be used to provide brand names, ingredients, nutritional information and more to consumers. In addition, a printer can be added to the system to print on-line barcodes, dates and batch numbers.

Rademaker’s fully automated system produces both traditional and filled products with a perfect shape and quality. The line, which is modular in design so that future expansion is easily available, can produce up to traditional croissants or 50 filled croissants per minute. The PLC-controlled machine with a touch screen monitor can be easily integrated into a Rademaker proofing-and-baking system. Visit Rademaker at Europain, which runs April 16-20, in Paris, France.

Blue Print Automation, Inc. presents its new VHPF system, which packs stand-up and flat pack on the same machine with minimal changeover. The system is ideal for high-speed packing of flexible bags and has become the new standard in the potato processing and frozen food industries. Benefits include the tightest case cube utilization in the industry, reduced breakage, easy changeover, fast throughput and versatility.

Revent’s new 726U single rack gas oven, engineered for optimal bottom heat, provides superior oven-jump and maximum lift. The model is available in gas, oil or electric heated models, accepts one single rack and features Revent baking technology systems including the Revent TCC system (total convection control), Revent HVS system (high-volume steam) and Revent LID system (layered insulation design).

Colborne’s high-speed cake depositing line uses a combination of features, including servo cup de-nesting, multiple depositing stations and magnetic conveyor properties. Colborne’s line is the latest in high-speed make up systems for cake-based products. Its unique design can produce cake-based products at a speed of up to 30 pans per minute. The revolutionary system design also offers flexibility without sacrificing speed and its C-frame allows users to introduce different depositing layers or to offer different products on the same make up line.

Designed for continuous throughput to generate high capacities, the Urschel Model J9-A Dicer uniformly dices and strip cuts brownies, bread and other products including soft shell tortillas. Maximum product input thickness is 9.5 mm with standard parts, and 12.7 mm with an optional feed roll. The Model J9-A operates continuously at high production capacities and provides simple cleanup and maintenance.

Thermo Electron unveils its Orion Star Series, a line of meters, accessories and solutions for electrochemistry measurement. The latest addition to Thermo’s Water Analysis Instruments offers multiple configurations and highly sensitive electrodes designed for applications in the food and beverage markets. Thermo customizes meters, electrodes and solution packages to fit the specific needs of its customers, rather than offering one standard equipment package. With seven bench-top models and eight portable models, the Orion Star Series is ideal for the general lab or for the specialized quality control lab.

Ashworth Bros., Inc.’s Advantage 200 hybrid belt is designed to operate in heavy-duty spiral and turn-curve applications. It offers greater pull strength in turn curve and spiral applications than competing plastic belts. The belt also features a patented rod locking system, which facilitates quick repairs, requiring no welding or special tools. The Advantage 200 and the smaller pitched sister, The Advantage 120, are available in tight, 1.4 turn radius variations and are designed to operate in harsh environments as low as -50°F or as high as 180°F.

Hinds Bock’s servo-driven pump fillers are ideal for spreading products accurately, as well as functioning in depositing and filling applications. Custom spouts are used to match spread width and length for each individual application. Hinds Bock servo pump fillers are high speed — a single machine can run up to 160 units per minute, depending on particular product and application. Additionally, there are single or multiple lane versions for a wide variety of products.

Reiser’s Vemag line of bakery equipment is ideal for all types of cookie depositing. The line offers two models, the Vemag 500 and the HP series, which have the capacity to meet any production level. The Vemag 500 includes features such as a small footprint, efficient sanitation and quick changeover of inserts for changing cookie shapes. The Vemag HP series is powerful machine capable of multi-lane depositing onto baking pans or directly onto oven belts. Both models offer Vemag double-screw technology, which ensures gentle product handling and portioning accuracy. Additionally, both models are ideal for depositing gourmet cookie dough with large chunks of chocolate, fruits and nuts due to their hand-scooped look coupled with outstanding particle definition.
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