The New, Highly Accredited Cake-o-matic From Unifiller allows Product to be Deposited, Middle-filled and Top- and Side-iced With Pre-determined Amounts of Icing all on the Same Machine. the Cake-o-matic can Produce up to six Cakes per Minute, Ensures Product Consistency and Portion Control and can Turn out a Fully Iced Cake in 1.3 Seconds. 1-888-733-8444.

’s new 7400 Series sanitary conveyors from its AquaPruf line are the perfect solution for transferring small food items. The conveyor’s 1.5-in. diameter nose bar option eliminates the gaps and valleys that typically form on conveyors with large diameter pulleys. The nose bar does not hamper customers from easily disassembling the conveyor for cleaning, and both ends of the conveyor can be configured to include the nose bar option. The conveyor is available in traditional straight lengths or curved designs that have a 2.5-in. diameter nose transfer. 1-800-397-8664.

 introduces a new addition to its line of Robotic Automation products with the highly flexible and customizable BBL Series. Engineered for automatic, fast and efficient loading of wrapped products such as bread, buns, rolls and English Muffins into single- or multiple-layer baskets, the BBL Series offers advantages including a compact footprint, pattern optimization and unlimited product and pattern configurations, in-feed backlogging of products to minimize downtime and increase throughput, and consistent product compression and placement at up to 130 products per minute. 1-847-371-0101.

The 2000R retarder series from Revent features self-contained refrigeration, maintaining cabinet temperatures at 38°F, self-closing doors with safety grip handles, all stainless-steel construction, 3-in. thick, low thermal conductivity polyurethane foam in the walls and top, and moist-air high humidity control coils. In addition, no plumbing is required since condensate water is disposed of automatically. 1-800-822-9642.

The Burford Model 4800 Twist Tyer-Conveyor is a compact, high-output center to automatically close and twist-tie packages for the retail and small wholesale bakery. Features include positive package in-feed, proven twist tyer design, reliability, the use of standard size ribbon spools, automatic bag clamps for tight bread packaging, speeds up to 35 packages per minute and portability. 1-405-867-4467.

Converters and food manufacturers can create strong, secure, peelable lidding for all popular plastic trays and cups with new, versatile, FDA-compliant, heat-sealable polyester LumiLid XL5 lidding film from Toray Plastics (America), Inc. Transparent PET LumiLid XL5 lidding film is FDA-approved for direct food contact, seals cleanly and securely to APET, APET coated board, CPET, PP, HDPE and HIPS. LumiLid XL5 is the preferred lidding film for dual ovenable, retort, hot fill, fresh, refrigerated and frozen foods, desserts, snacks and more. Unique, multilayer polyester LumiLid XL5 lidding film is made without solvents. Other benefits include its thick sealant layer which forms a hermetic seal. 1-732-229-4131.

 Transfer Pumps are available in many sizes and configurations to move hot or cold flowable liquid products and mixtures from mixing, holding or cooking vessels to filling machines. Transfer Pumps are available in three sizes — 64, 128 and 250 oz. per stroke — and they pump from 7 to 40 gpm depending on product characteristics, piping configurations and models. Inherently low-shear, gentle, piston-pumping action with wide, open ports and valves and large sanitary fittings (2-in. to 4-in. diameters) allows for the pumping of large soft chunks and particulates without bridging or crushing. Other benefits include independently adjustable suction and discharge stroke speeds that maximize efficiency. 1-877-292-5715.

Douglas Machines Corp.
 introduces its new SD-36 Bucket Washer. The system is powerful and efficient, and comes equipped with separate wash and rinse tanks, a self-contained water heater, recirculating wash water and a powerful 15-hp pump. Optional rack inserts are available to process a variety of other containers including lids, bakery pans, molds, trays and steam table pans. With a typical wash/rinse cycle of only five minutes, cleanup is quick and economical while saving water, energy and labor costs. 1-800-331-6870.

The latest model in O/K International’s line is the T-PAKTM 550, ideal for packaging tortillas. The system is equipped with a flat conveyor and foam compression belt. Bags containing product travel down the conveyor and then underneath the foam compression belt, which removes air from the bag without damaging product. The bag then enters the OK Supersealer to get the “Perfect Seal.” 1-508-303-8286.

Even the stickiest baked desserts can be pre-sliced and easily removed for service when prepared and baked in TrayBon ovenable packaging. Its patented design incorporates an FDA-approved release coating and a unique leak-proof configuration. Additionally, square sidewalls and a uniformly-flat floor allows for the use of ultrasonic cutting, following cooling. Customers in turn, can ship pre-portioned, ready-to-serve slices to foodservice customers that are accessed easily with a spatula through the reclosable end flaps. Unlike other ovenable paper trays, there are no holes or tab-slots in the bottom. Strong and rigid, with just the addition of a paperboard lid, TrayBon trays can be stacked on a pallet, then wrapped and shipped without secondary packaging. The TrayBon line includes full-, half- and quarter-sheet sizes, as well as configurations for loaves, muffins and cupcakes. 1-847-956-0200.

The New DA-150 WATER METER from CMC America Corp. is one of the most user-friendly, cost-effective automatic water-meter control systems available. Standard features include 1/50 - 60HZ/110-230V, 10 program settings, 1% accuracy at 100 lbs. delivery, up to 100 lbs./min., 3/4-in. NPT connection, a deposit interrupt/resume function, up to two mixer control options and more. 1-815-726-4336.

SilMax is Chicago Metallic’s new commercial quality product line of uniquely-shaped siliconized-rubber moulds available in an array of shapes typically not found in traditional metal pans. Unlike other silicone bakeware, SilMax is designed for professional bakers and pastry chefs, and is made of 100% liquid silicone produced with a platinum catalyst. SilMax is made of FDA-approved materials, is dishwasher safe, and can go directly into the refrigerator, freezer, oven or microwave. After baking, molds should cool for 5 to 10 minutes. Gently bending the molds results in consistently clean, perfect product. To clean, pans should be rinsed with hot water or placed in a dishwasher to release oil, grease and fats absorbed by the silicone during baking. 1-800-323-3966.

Baking Technology from Radio Frequency Co., Inc., enables increased band speeds and provides bakers with the ability to accurately achieve the ideal package moisture content for cookies. Whether the goal is moist or dry, Macrowave Cookie Production Systems enhance line productivity and product quality. Developed for high-volume cookie production, Macrowave Systems target and efficiently remove residual moisture trapped within the center of product, permitting conventional ovens to run at maximum speeds with the correct loft, crumb structure and color while assuring that each cookie will be within 2/10ths of 1% of the moisture content goal, whether baked on the edge or center of the oven band. 1-508- 376-9555.

Chicago Metallic
 unveiled its newly expanded line of commercial-quality, die-cast aluminum specialty cake pans. There are six shapes and sizes to choose from, and all interior baking surfaces have been coated with a non-stick gray finish designed for commercial baking. The exteriors are made from a thick casting of natural aluminum to ensure better heat distribution and longer pan life. 1-800-323-3966.

Rondo Doge
’s system for the continuous production of dough bands and billets is The Rondo Modular Laminating Concept (Rondo MLC), which consists of six modular lines, which can be expanded to a fully automatic laminating line. The control system also is modular and six additional modules can be attached to the existing ones. With a working width of 600 mm, Rondo MLC can be integrated into existing pastry lines. Its Block Line handles the production of dough blocks. Its L-Block Line is for the production of dough pieces with 4 to 10 layers. The U-Block Line processes dough billets with more than 100 layers. The Feeding Line is for final sheeting and pastry line feeding. The L-Laminating Line is for the production of dough pieces with 4 to 10 layers and the continuous feeding of a pastry line. The U-Laminating line continuously laminates dough bands and can feed a pastry line continuously. All lines are equipped with an easily operated touchscreen and a PLC control system. Rondo MLC is made from stainless steel and easy to clean.

’s SNP-505 Modular Slicer is ideal for pizza line and pizza roll automation and single lane applications requiring both targeting and slicing capabilities. It slices and applies meat and cheese products directly onto moving targets including small pizza crusts and continuous dough sheets as they pass underneath. With its cantilevered and modular design, the SNP-505 is set directly over the production line. Its flexible design allows the slicing head to be adjusted to the desired height, and the frame can be reversed for left-handed or right-handed operation. Production rates are adjustable up to 120 strokes per minute. The SNP-505 is made of stainless steel and its operation is easily controlled with a user-friendly keypad. 1-888-534-7683.

The Champion Model XRS Depositors from CMC America Corp. produce wire-cut type cookies and place them directly onto oven bands or waxed paper, ready for baking, packaging or freezing. The depositor also provides aggressive feed rolls that provide continuous, consistent dough feed; sanitary washdown design for the entire system; a precise wire-cutting system with filler-block die with accurate piece weights and much more. Its portable design allows for easy relocation and its belt-lifting device at drop point allows for better product placement. 1-815-726-4336.

Wire Belt Company
of America presents its CarrySmart line of Spreader-Converger conveyors — ideal for efficient repositioning of product. Among processing equipment there is no universal standard for widths, creating a need to spread and/or converge product as they move between processes.  Wire Belt’s Spreader-Converger gently moves products along a “fan-type” belt, positioning it evenly on either side of the conveyor centerline, or along a “lane-type” belt, moving product from separate lines of travel to one line and vice versa. The Spreader-Converger maintains product orientation and provides a stable surface for product during transfer, which is ideal for fragile items. Wire Belt’s Spreader-Converger conveyors are custom-designed with open construction that makes them easy-to-clean. In addition, the Spreader-Converger provides tight transfers with adjacent conveyors, minimizing potential damage to fragile products. 1-603-644-2500.

The newly designed OK Superformer from O/K International meets U.S. tough flexibility requirements with a simple and easy-to-use Case Erector. As the most advanced case erector on the market, it erects up to 16 cases per minute, and includes standard features such as automatic box squaring, low taper or box alarm, one turn of a handle to change four adjustments points and stainless-steel construction. All of its case erectors are equipped with Allen Bradley controls. Other benefits include increased production efficiency and flexibility, consistency for automatic lines and enhanced cosmetics, ease of set up, training and operation, a clean and durable finish, and operator-friendly controls. 1-800-521-2908.
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The new T-PAK 750TM from O/K International is designed to automatically seal bags traveling down a packing line or off of an automatic bagging machine. The system is equipped with a variable angled-conveyor with powered back belt. The OK Supersealer is mounted to the conveyor and is equipped with a T-PAK in-feed. The T-PAK 750TM pulls the bag up to the product, which then proceeds into the OK Supersealer and is sealed with the “Perfect Seal.” Each T-PAK 750TM is custom-built to meet the need of the customer’s application. 1-800-521-2908.
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Single-serve desserts, muffins, cupcakes and so much more can be deposited with Unifiller’s accurate and easy-to-use multi-head depositor. Unifiller also manufacturers standard depositors and custom production lines. 1-800-370-8947.
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The Ishida Total Packaging System (ITPS) from Heat & Control is designed especially for snack foods, and allows operators to set up and control any Ishida machine on the line from any control panel, while quickly accessing production data. There are common screens for different Ishida packaging machines, such as the  CCW-R Weigher, Atlas-202 snack food bagmaker, TSC-R Seal Checker and DACS-Z Checkweigher, which simplify the operator’s interface and improve line control. Control units can be connected directly to a plant’s Ethernet network for immediate analysis of total line production data.  Statistics, machine settings, and other valuable data can be sent via email using the message function. The ITPS snack packaging system also can be expanded through Ishida’s ITPS-Net to include controls for in-feed equipment, metal detectors and data printers. 1-800-227-5980.
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Videojet Technologies Inc.
redesigned and streamlined its Web site: The new site is more user-friendly, and designed to find marking and coding solution information quickly and easily. A section dedicated to the consumer packaged goods market details appropriate coding technologies and more. Brochures, case studies, white papers and material safety data sheets also are searchable and easier to locate. The Web site includes information on training opportunities and a locator to find local dealers from Videojet’s world-class service and support network. Additionally, the new Web site provides access to, an online tool for ordering Videojet parts and supplies. It also provides 24/7 access to account data on purchases for invoices, payment history and order status. 1-800-843-3610.
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