Puratos’ breakthrough innovation uses distinct technology to deliver a Healthful Cholesterol-lowering Bread Base Solution. Puratos’ Unique Technology Utilizes Oatwell 22, Which Contains 22% Beta Glucan, Thus Allowing Customers to Make an fda Claim and Appeals to Consumers Based on Sensory Evaluation. 1-800-654-0036.

Ethnic food popularity has caused a flavor explosion across the country. From Nuevo Latino to Thai, TABASCO brand Industrial Ingredients can give products both the spice and the flavor in wet, dry and intermediate formulas. 1-337-373-6105.

Extruded Heart Smart Oat Crisps (beta glucan crisps) from Kerry Ingredients U.S. are developed so that incorporation of them into a finished product imparts sufficient beta glucan and soy protein to make a Food and Drug Administration-approved heart-health claim on food packaging. 1-800-255-6312.

Puratos introduces its Reduced Fat Croissant Improver and Altima Reduced Fat Roll-in for Croissant, giving bakers the means to create a high-quality trans fat-free croissant with 30% lower fat content. Consumers confirmed in a taste test that they liked the Puratos Reduced Fat Croissant as much as the standard, full-fat product. 1-800-654-0036.

By 2006, all U.S. packaged foods must contain labeling information on trans fat. Kerry Ingredients offers manufacturers a wide variety of efficient no- and low-trans technologies. The company’s trans fat-free product offerings include lipids (powders, creamers, olive oil powders and clouding agents), cheese powders, cultured dairy powders, prepared blends, particulates and fillings. These products can also be customized to meet specific application needs.1-800-255-6312.

To avoid tortillas that are bursting at the sides, flaking, or turning into a hard, chewy end after heating in the microwave, a new class of gum blends may be the solution. Gum Technology Coyote Brand Tortilla Conditioners add pliability and strengthen dough, retain moisture, extend shelf life and prevent freezer burn, hardening and side burst.  Gum Technology’s R&D department will help you match the right stabilizer to your needs. 1-877-GUM-TECH.

Kerry Ingredients U.S. introduces its first savory functional bar concept — Chili Con Queso Crisps. The product features a unique blend of masa, sweet potato crisps, brown rice crisps and crunchy soynuts blended with a robust chili-Cheddar topping. The concept offers consumers a completely different taste sensation as well as an alternative to sweets, and is packed with protein and fiber. 1-608-363-1200.

Brolite offers customers a variety of rye sours for use in baking. For example, the FFP Melba Sour produces a mellow, tangy flavor in melba toast and all types of rye breads, rolls and pumpernickel. The Super Vita Rye Sour is a naturally fermented rye flavor that contains a blend of spices, producing a high-quality rye product with “Old World” flavor and aroma. All of the rye sours are a perfect blend of ingredients and function, giving bread that distinctive taste. 1-888-BROLITE.

SensoryEffects, a subsidiary of the Loders Croklaan IOI Group, launched a new patented technology designed to deliver shelf-stable Omega-3 fatty acids (DHA/EPA) into food products. SensoryEffects are lipid-based inclusions and bits designed to deliver flavor, aroma, color and texture in one piece. SensoryEffects technology provides stability and protects these polyunsaturated fatty acids which have been proven to maintain cardiovascular health. In addition, they also can be used in products with a longer shelf life. Moreover, SensoryEffects do not require refrigeration and are kosher. 1-800-621-4710.

Pennant Foods provides convenient puff pastry products for bakeries, restaurants and other foodservice and retail establishments. The product features unique dough with 142 delicate and flaky layers that bake up crispy outside and soft inside. 1-800-877-1157.

Edlong Dairy Flavors announces the release of five new flavors that mimic popular authentic Mexican cheeses. These natural and artificial powder flavor varieties are Chihuahua, Manchego, Oaxaca, Panela and Queso Blanco. The concentrated, water dispersible and Kosher-dairy certified flavors work in sauces, dips, topical applications and more. When sampling, ask for Chihuahua #1426, Manchego #1438, Oaxaca #1434, Panela #1436 or Queso Blanco #1424. Suggested usage levels range from 0.10% to 1.00%. 1-888-698-2783.

SK Food International, Inc. is a domestic bulk ingredient supplier and import/export trading company. The company supplies a full line of certified-organic and conventional non-GMO food and feed ingredients, including beans, grains, seeds, oils, meals and flours. SK Food also carries amaranth, quinoa, flax and a wide variety of certified-organic oils. In addition, all SK Food ingredients are identity-preserved. 1-701-356-4106.

Cheese Crumbettes are new from Commercial Creamery. The shelf-stable cheese pieces have the appearance of cheese crumbs and contain the flavor and aroma of toasted cheese. The ingedient can withstand high baking temperatures and is available as Kosher and non-Kosher. It is ideal for baked goods and snacks, and is also available in a Parmesan cheese variety. 1-800-541-0850.

In-store bakeries and restaurant operators find it easy to add fresh-baked cookies to their product lineup with convenient, frozen, pre-formed cookie dough from Pennant Foods. Pennant Gourmet and Homestyle cookie dough is made with the finest ingredients including whole milk, eggs, 100% real chocolate, nuts, raisins and spices. In addition, Pennant offers a wide selection of dough in a range of popular sizes, from oatmeal raisin to triple chocolate. 1-800-877-1157.

Turn creations into bar sensations with SensoryEffects for low-carb, high-protein nutrition bars from Loders Croklaan. SensoryEffects are lipid-based inclusions and bits created to impart sensory experiences into baked goods — flavor, aroma, color and texture all in one piece. Choose from a selection of quick and easy off-the-shelf low-carb products, or enjoy unlimited customization. Whether it’s sweet, spicy, subtle or bold, SensoryEffects has an inclusion to enhance the experience with varied flavors. 1-800-621-4710.