Innovations In Equipment

WeighPack Systems West, Inc. has introduced two new models of vertical f/f/s machines designed for the automatic production of big bags. The use of the big size machines results in significant unit cost reduction, and the use of roll stock plastic generates savings of 30% more than pre-made bags, plus there is no labor required to hold and seal the bags. The models offer different bag size ranges and can run 1.25 mil- to 6 mil-thick polyethylene plastic, co-extruded materials, multi-layer laminations, coated paper and more. A dual roll support bracket and splicing bed make film changeover easier.
Heat and Control’s Injection Blancher improves fryer performance. Using similar technology to that found in the company’s French fry fryers and nut roasters, the Injection Blancher features multiple hot water inlets located across the bottom of the pan. Unlike side injection blanchers, which compress slices into the center of the blancher, Heat and Control’s bottom injection design spreads slices evenly across the width of the pan and discharge conveyor for more efficient dewatering and delivery to the fryer, reducing fryer fuel usage and eliminating unevenly cooked clusters of chips. Blanching time is infinitely adjustable between 30 seconds and 4 minutes.
Wire Belt Co. of America’s new belt — CompactGrid — is engineered specifically to handle small, delicate products, while providing a light weight, open-mesh belt design. If you are a snack food manufacturer looking to optimize production, reduce downtime, and keep costs down, choosing open mesh stainless steel belting will play a crucial role in ensuring that the way snacks are prepared is efficient, safe and cost-effective. A belt such as the CompactGrid, which provides strong product support, excellent flow-through, and competitive cost, also is an advantage.
NuTEC Manufacturing offers an all-hydraulic, microprocessor controlled, multi-outlet forming machine that is easy to maneuver plant-wide. The NuTEC 745 is built tough, without the cumbersome weight of similar machines with mechanical parts. Reliable and efficient, the 745 combines accurate weight control, minimum leakage and quick changeovers with mobility.
Hinds-Bock’s new Single-Piston Filler/Depositor accurately portions food and bakery products at an economical price. The SP-16 is equipped with a height adjustable frame, 14-gallon stainless steel hopper, adjustable deposit volume up to 16 fluid oz. and an integral work table. The SP-16 can be disassembled in minutes without tools for cleaning and offers optional accessories, including a large family of positive shut-off spouts, ribbon spreading spouts, cake/pie multi-tube topping spouts, automatic cycling controls and conveyors, and more.
Charles Ross & Son Co. has introduced its new In-line SLIM, which requires no pump or eductor, greatly simplifying operations and maintenance, and lowering costs. The unique rotor/stator generator in the In-line SLIM system includes “Progressive Spiral Porting,” which produces high flow, high shear and a high level of vacuum within the rotor/stator generator. This enables the system to operate without a pump and induct and disperse lump-free materials such as alginates, gum arabic, guar and other powders at unprecedented rates.
Hinds-Bock’s 3P-32 piston filling machine for Horizontal Vacuum Formers is ideal for accurate, clean filling of a wide range of products. Positive shut-off spouts are used to maintain a clean seal zone. The 3P-32 fills from fractions of 1 oz. up to 32 fluid oz. per piston. Moving or diving spouts are used for spreading of product or to prevent mounding. For elevated temperature applications, a self-contained heat system maintains product temperature.
Nu-Con rotary valves from Nu-Con Equipment now are available with a bottom-mounted slide rail that supports the rotor and non-drive end plate when removed from the valve bore. Once removed, the ESRS assembly lets operators pivot the rotor and end plate up and out of the way, helping to facilitate cleaning and inspection. The ESRS also helps protect expensive valve components and keeps them precisely aligned for reassembly.
Ashworth Bros., Inc.’s Omni-Pro 120 Heavy Duty conveyor belt utilizes new design techniques to boost belt strength, minimize system wear and extend service life. By employing robotic welders, Ashworth creates a 360° rod-to-link, “zero-tension” weld where the rod end is completely melted and fused to the link, providing for higher load-bearing capacity.
The Model No. 320 Cooker/Coater from A.C. Horn & Co. is quality snack food equipment in a unique single-process design. Ingredients are added when its pre-programmed temperature set points are reached and the alarm is activated. The cooking/coating process continues until product is ready, is ideal for caramel corn, and can be adapted for peanut brittle and other candies. Features include a “soft-blend” lighting system, 24-in. diameter kettle heating, stainless steel construction, state-of-the-art temperature indication and control, and more.
SpanTech LLC’s MicroSpan Transfer — part of WhisperTrax modular flexible conveyors — is an alternative to roller transfers. The powered transfer features a tight-knit MicroSpan chain, providing a stable, flexible base for the smooth transport of small, delicate products. It also maintains product orientation and has a maximum speed of 140 ft. per minute.