Feed proportional amounts of snacks to multiple weighers, seasoning systems and other equipment without cutting the main product supply by using Heat and Control’s patented Revolution Proportional Gate on its FastBack conveyors. Revolution can divert product from one conveyor to another. Unlike other gates, there are no pinch points to break product or cause personal injury when a gate opens and closes. 1-800-227-5980.

With more than 35,000 automated X-ray systems installed worldwide, Smiths Heimann is uniquely positioned to provide reliable X-ray Inspection systems.  The company’s line of  proprietary X-ray components allowed it to build a “set them and forget them” line of Eagle X-ray Inspection systems, which provide customers with reliable monitoring of product shape, size, weight, count, fill-level, fat analysis and more. 1-865-379-1670.

MIWE’s athlet L Deck Oven Loader has a loading unit designed to service between one- and three-deck ovens that are 180 cm. wide and 160 or 200 cm. deep. Bakers can quickly load and bake products (including deck oven rolls) using the entire deck surface. Operators use a keypad to precisely position the loader to the various decks. An entire deck can be loaded in a single operation, which minimizes the amount of energy and steam that escapes while the door is open.

Hinds-Bock manufactures high quality ribbon blending tanks in single-wall, double-wall insulated and triple-wall heated and insulated versions. Available in sizes ranging from 50 gallons to 800 gallons, the tanks feature VFD controlled helical agitation, interlocked safety grates, personnel steps and hopper covers. 1-877-292-5715.

J.E. Grote Co.’s newly enhanced electric Peppamatic offers innovative slicing and applying technology, and dramatically cuts labor costs while increasing productivity. New features include an all electric design with servo tube linear technology, an open frame, stainless steel construction, up to a 25% increase in throughput capacity, fully programmable stroke length and a dimensionally interchangeable (footprint) with many older hydraulic Peppamatic models. 1-888-534-7683.

Hinds-Bock’s family of clamshell package tray closing conveyors offers automatic tray de-nesting, generous product loading zone, an automatic closing station and an automatic tray locking station. The stainless steel conveyors are hygienic and have wash-down variable frequency drive motors and gear boxes. In addition, the automatic tray de-nesters are available in several different styles depending upon the type of clamshell tray, and automatically pick and place trays onto the clamshell closing conveyor, eliminating labor. 1-877- 292-5715.
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Heat and Controls patented HeatWave fryer roasts nuts with curtains of oil for uniform quality, clean operation and the lowest system oil volume of any continuous fryer. Instead of submerging nuts in a deep bath of oil, HeatWave conveys them beneath multiple curtains of oil. Only clean, filtered oil contacts product. Fines are removed almost immediately after entering the oil to prevent them from causing oil degradation and cleaning problems. 1-510-259-0500.
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s servo driven pump fillers are ideal for high-speed accurate spreading of product as well as depositing and filling applications. Custom spouts are used to match the spread width and length for each application, and the company’s servo pump fillers are extremely high speed, with a single machine able to run up to 160 units per minute depending on the product and application. 1-877-292-5715.
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