Hinds-Bock’s Transfer Pumps are Available in Many Sizes and Configurations to Move hot or Cold Flowable Liquid Products and Mixtures, From Mixing, Holding or Cooking Vessels to Filling Machines. the Pumps are Available in Three Sizes — 64, 128 and 250 oz. per Stroke — and Pump From 7 to 40 Gpm, Depending on Product Characteristics, Piping Configurations and Model. Low-shear, Gentle Piston Pumping Action With Wide, Open Ports and Valves and Large Sanitary Fittings Allow Pumping of Large, Soft Chunks and Particulates Without Bridging or Crushing. Independently Adjustable Suction and Discharge Stroke Speeds Maximize Efficiency to Allow Pumping of a Wide Range of Products With Delicate Particulates, From Thin Noodle Soups and Gravies to Thick Deli Salads, Fruit Cake Batter, Shredded Meat Burrito Filling, Macaroni and Cheese, Chili, Vegetable Stew, Fruit Fillings, and Blueberry Muffin Batters.
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FastBack Upgrade horizontal motion accumulation conveyors from Heat and Control, Inc. meter a consistent flow of frozen product to weighers and other packaging machinery. Upgrade minimizes product gaps between processing and packaging to eliminate thawing and labor-intensive pour-back of product. Its gentle horizontal conveying motion ends product spills while minimizing product damage and hard-to-clean build-ups in the pan.
1-800-227-5980. www.heatandcontrol.com

Unifiller Systems, Inc.’s Pronto is “The World’s first “No-Touch” depositing solution for completely emptying buckets! Pronto provides a versatile depositing solution that is rugged, dependable and compact, offering an effortless way to continually deposit non-particulate products such as batters, cream cheese, custard and butter.
1-800-370-8947. www.unifiller.com

Wire Belt Co. of America’s new belt — CompactGrid — is engineered specifically to handle small, delicate products, while providing a light-weight, open-mesh belt design. If you are a snack food manufacturer looking to optimize production, reduce downtime, and keep costs down, choosing open mesh stainless steel belting will play a crucial role in ensuring that the way snacks are prepared is efficient, safe and cost-effective. A belt such as the CompactGrid, which provides strong product support, excellent flow-through and competitive cost, also is an advantage.
1-603-644-2500. www.wirebelt.com

WeighPack Systems West, Inc. has introduced two new models of vertical f/f/s machines designed for the automatic production of big bags. The use of the big size machines results in significant unit cost reduction, and the use of roll stock plastic generates savings of 30% more than pre-made bags, plus there is no labor required to hold and seal the bags. The models offer different bag size ranges and can run 1.25 mil- to 6 mil-thick polyethylene plastic, co-extruded materials, multi-layer laminations, coated paper and more. A dual roll support bracket and splicing bed make film changeover easier.
1-514-422-0808. www.weighpack.com

Ashworth Bros., Inc.’s Omni-Pro 120 Heavy Duty conveyor belt utilizes new design techniques to boost belt strength, minimize system wear and extend service life. By employing robotic welders, Ashworth creates a 360° rod-to-link, “zero-tension” weld where the rod end is completely melted and fused to the link, providing for higher load-bearing capacity.
1-540-655-1331. www.ashworth.com

Custom Metalcraft’s Model DD Barrel Dumper is designed for various applications involving the dumping of barrels and round containers. The unit handles up to 1,000 lb.
1-417-862-0707. www.custom-metalcraft.com

ABB Robotics’ PickMaster 5 software integrates the picking, packing and palletizing of products using a simple intuitive interface. The PC-based software uses comprehensive graphical interfaces to configure powerful applications where up to 16 robots may work in a team along conveying belts.

Heat and Control, Inc.’s SwitchBack conveyor provides in-line accumulation of delicate snacks, baked products, frozen meats and other foods. Gentle horizontal motion conveying and unique sloped pan configurations prevent product damage by eliminating abrupt drops and stops. Switchback is composed of two independent FastBack conveyors and automatically stores product in the lower unit while conveying product in the opposite direction in the upper feed conveyor. It’s available in capacities of 30 or 45 cubic feet and requires less floor space than comparable accumulation conveyors.
1-800-227-5980. www.heatandcontrol.com

Colborne’s Foodbiotics division has developed a fully automated, highly flexible breadbasket and box loading (BBL) system with vision inspection and air rejection, which can handle more than 100 packages of bread and rolls per minute. The system also can box multiple layers automatically by inserting a cardboard separator between picks. The system incorporates the Fanuc 420iA robot and Allen Bradley Panel View Plus 600 view system, which provides reliability and durability.
1-847-371-0101. www.colborne.com

The NuTEC 750 from NuTEC Manufacturing is an operator-friendly, completely hydraulic, multi-hold patty former that provides accurate weight control, minimum leakage and rapid changeover in a state-of-the-art machine. Reduced downtime and minimal maintenance guarantee that the 750 produces and keeps on producing. USDA-approved and completely hose-proof, the 750 can be sanitized minutes after production is completed. Intelligent engineering enables heavy parts to stay on the machine and easily swing out of the way for sanitation crews during clean-up.
1-815-722-2800. www.nutecmfg.com

To meet the needs of bakers and other manufacturers searching for versatile systems, Colborne Corp. now offers a cupcake depositor for a variety of icing applications. The new system is capable of applying a “single shot” split color icing to trays of 12 and 12 mini-cupcakes at up to 380 per minute. It also can deposit on six or 12 regular cupcakes packaged in clamshells and at rates exceeding 312 per minute.
1-847-371-0101. www.colborne.com

Hinds-Bock’s new icing depositor provides accurate spreading of icings, creams, custard, fruit fillings and mousse. The entire depositor dives for bottom-up depositing via servo motor. The system offers operator interface/PCL controls for easy recipe set up. Tool-free tilting of the hopper and its spout enable quick disassembly and easy cleaning.
1-877-292-5715. www.hinds-bock.com

TCP Reliable’s engineers have developed a solution for shipping temperature-sensitive products without the need for expensive, time-consuming testing: the TimeSaver 48. This pre-qualified shipping container conforms to ISTA 7D Summer and Winter Weather shipping conditions using the same pack-out configuration. It’s reusable and designed to maintain the critical 2-8 temperature range for up to 48 hours. Each shipper has an inner box to house and protect the payload, which has a capacity of 9 in. x 67 in. by 7 in. or 25 cu. ft. The TimeSaver series of shippers includes 24-hour and 72-hour versions.

Videojet TechnologiesExcel DN ink jet printer is for customers who want to print multi-line variable codes and messages at high speeds. It allows users to reliably print two lines of code at speeds up to 916 ft. per minute and up to eight lines of information. The Excel DN also handles complex codes, such as those that combine text, logos and even bar codes into a single message. E-mail Theresa.

The Superliner SL320 case liner by OK International provides quick changeovers for companies handling multiple case sizes. The system, which runs at up to 18 cycles per minute, makes bags of various lengths from rolls of continuous gusseting tubing. The hygienic packaging can be placed into cases, crates, drums or trays with the neck covering the edges.
1-508-303-8286. www.okcorp.com

KESS Industries’ three-tiered cooling tunnel offers space-saving advantages, convection cooling and a sanitary conveyor design with wash down components. The system also has automatic belt tracking and an insulated housing with multiple door openings on each side for easy cleaning and maintenance.
1-800-578-5564. www.kessind.com

The Ross Series 700 High Shear Mixer from Charles Ross and Son Co. creates high-quality emulsions and dispersions for use throughout the process industries, incorporating special high-speed rotors running in close proximity to fixed stators that are capable of generating the high-shear rates required for manufacturing small droplets. The mixer is available with interchangeable rotor/stator sets to control the level of shear and throughput. They are: the Quad Slot rotor/stator, the patented X-Series and the patented MegaShear.
1-631-234-0500, sales@mixers.com

Kess Industries
’ sheeter rolls heavy, continuous dough sheets to consistent pre-set thicknesses. To obtain the desire product, the upper roll is adjustable via a hand wheel with a position indicator, which provides accurate sheeting.
1-800-578-5564. www.kessind.com

LeMatic’s Easy-Clean Hard Roll Slicer now is offered in a new Wash-Down model for fast and effective cleaning. Constructed from stainless steel and other corrosion-resistant components, it can be completely sanitized with water and cleaning solution via a high-pressure hose. The Wash-Down version has all the popular features of the original model, including LedMatic’s exclusive Floating Top Conveyor, which is optimized for the individual variation of hearth products while performing a consistent slice. Set up to simultaneously web or hinge slice a minimum of six hearth-style sandwich rolls at a time, this system has a slicing rate that exceeds 3,000 dozen hard rolls per hour. A pushbutton-controlled power lift is standard for raising and lowering the head for production operation, pass-through and maintenance functions.
1-517-787-3301. www.lematic.com