Pizzey’s Milling’s specialty Flaxseed Ingredients are Easy to Blend Into Existing Operations, can be Included in Formulations at a low Cost, Provide Strong Label Copy and add to the Overall Enhancement of Bread Products With Omega-3, Protein, Increased Fiber and Non-gmo Claims. 1-800-804-6433.

Caravan Products Co., Inc. introduces its Primo Pesto bread mix in easy-to-use portion packs for maximum convenience. The mix is certified OU Kosher and uses premium quality ingredients such as Parmesan cheese and a basil/garlic blend. The mix comes packed with three 16-lb. bags to each 48-lb. carton, which produces about 20 loaves of bread. 1-800-526-5261.

Rivland Partnership offers natural brown rice meal, which is a specially prepared rice meal produced from whole grain brown rice or par-boiled brown rice. Ideal as a nutritional ingredient in natural snacks and bakery mixes, natural brown rice meal is available in 45-lb. paper bags and in bulk. 1-713-529-3251.

Losing texture when cutting out the fat? A new cold setting gum blend combining Cellulose Gel, Konjac and Xanthan may be the solution. Gum Technology’s Coyote Brand Stabilizer CKX-Fat Replacer mimics fat and creates a creamy mouthfeel in low/non-fat products. The all-natural blend contains soluble and insoluble fiber and is excellent for freeze thaw stability and moisture control. 1-800-369-4867.

Caravan Products is offering an easy way to make zero trans fat tortillas with its new TORTILLA COMPLETE TFF 14% base. Only flour and water need to be added to produce dough with maximum machinability, reduced “snap back” and extended shelf life and stability. 1-800-526-5261.

The Sapore range of all-natural bio-fermented flavors from Puratos imparts product with a sensory experience that will tantalize even the most discriminating taste buds. Clients can get all the taste benefits of signature bread products without spending the time for the flavor to ferment or the money for the skilled labor required. The Sapore range of flavors includes sourdough, sponge, dough, rye and wheat flavors, along with starter cultures and yeast extracts. 1-800-654-0036.