Pro-formance Shortenings, Margarines and Oils From Bunge Oils deliver Trans-reduction Performance to Finished Foods With Products Such as its Vream Right All-purpose Shortening, Tri-co Right Dough Shortening for Breads, Victor Right Margarine for Cakes and Icings, Puff Right Margarine for Pastries and Nutra-clear hs Spray Oil.
Bunge Oils
St. Louis

Natural Butter Flavor 1004011 by Edlong Dairy Flavors is a highly concentrated dairy ingredient with recommended usage levels averaging only 0026% in bakery formulations. Formulated with Edlong’s proprietary double encapsulation technology, the butter flavor lends an upscale taste of sweet, melted butter with a hint of caramel in the background to products ranging from croissants, desserts and cookies to biscuits, buns and biscotti.
Edlong Dairy Flavors
Elk Grove Village, Ill.

Watson, Inc.’s fruit, nut and granola bar represents a convenient alternative for consumers to eat sensibly while on-the-go. The bar provides one fruit exchange, one protein exchange and one milk exchange, and is formulated with a comprehensive Watson Premix of vitamins and minerals to provide a strong nutritional profile. Watson uses micro-encapsulation to mask the flavor and odor of nutrients, increasing consumer appeal and increasing shelf life.
Watson, Inc.
West Haven, Conn.

Natural Products, Inc. offers full-fat soy ingredients in chip, meal and flour form. Its ingredients are made directly from whole, dehulled soybeans, using only natural processing methods. In addition to being highly functional, ingredients made with whole soybeans contain all the natural oils that are found in the soybean.
Natural Products, Inc.
Grinnell, Iowa

J.R. Short Milling Co.’s whole ground corn meals are milled from whole, yellow or white dent corn kernels. The meals have been treated to inactivate enzymes and to eliminate their interference in food formulations. They also contain the natural goodness and nutritive value of the whole grain. Features of whole ground corn meal include an increase in total dietary fiber content in finished foods, a gluten-free label claim and ability to bind moisture and impart a better shelf stability.
J.R. Short Milling Co.
Kankakee, Ill.

Natural Products, Inc., makers of low-soy and other better-for-you ingredients for the snack and bakery food industry, offers a complete line of roasted soy products (ROSY), enzyme-active soy products (EASY) and products made with only non-GMO soybeans. The ingredients are 100% natural and made without chemicals. Scotsman’s Mill ingredients such as the BLUE100 Whole Egg Extender duplicate the functions and characteristics of whole egg powder or liquid whole egg in various baked goods. They are sourced from plant-based materials and are G.R.A.S. approved.
Natural Products, Inc.
Grinnell, Iowa