The Vertek Jr. from WeighPack Stands 4-ft. Tall, Making it the Most Compact and Simple Vertical Form/seal on the Market. it Easily Interfaces With any Type of Filling Equipment, Offers Speeds of up to 50 Cycles per Minute and is Ideal for Bagging of Variety of Products, Including Snack Foods. it Also Handles bag Sizes From 1 in. to 5 in. Wide and can Seal Either Polyethylene or Laminated Films.
Montreal, Quebec

Charles Ross and Son Co. has added a new model to its line of high-speed dispersers. It features a dust-tight cover with enclosed charging openings carries solids to the mixing vessel. It also includes fixed connections for charging of raw materials directly from bulk solids transfer systems. Typical uses for the new system are for dispersion of solids such as fumed silica, calcium carbonate, titanium dioxide, gums, thickeners and pigments.
Charles Ross and Son Co.
Hauppauge, N.Y.

Dorner’s 7600 Series Cleated Belt End Drive Conveyor is one of the newest members of the company’s AquaPruf family and represents the latest engineering designs to provide the highest level of sanitation in the market today, as well as the fastest cleaning times for wash-down conveyors in the industry. The entire system can be disassembled for cleaning, without tools, in 30 seconds. The 7600 Series can be used by the bakery, snack, confectionary and ready-to-eat food industries.
Hartland, Wis.

For accurate depositing of batters, cookie dough, fruit fillings and other semi-liquid products, check out the gearwheel depositor from Bakon USA Food Equipment. The depositor can be integrated into existing production lines and synchronized between two or more depositing machines. Bakon offers customized toothed wheel depositor to meet any baker’s requirements.
Bakon USA Food Equipment
Van Nuys, Calif.

New panel-mounting controllers from ABB Robotics can control up to four robots each and come in a modular design that makes them easy to configure. The fifth-generation products are just 250 mm. deep, providing substantial space savings, and are designed to withstand washdown cleaning.
ABB Robotics
Norwalk, Conn.

Cambridge International introduces DuraLite Belts, which are well suited for spiral cage applications. The wear-resistant stainless steel belt design is stronger than other belting designs, thus offering greater carrying capacity, smoother operating performance and dramatically fewer breakdowns.
Cambridge International
Cambridge, Md.

The latest model of OK International’s T-PAK 550 System is equipped with a flat conveyor and a foam compression belt. The bag with the product comes down the conveyor and under the foam compression belt, which takes the air out of the bag without harming the product. The bag then enters the OK Supersealer to get the “Perfect Seal.”
OK International
Marlborough, Mass.

Fritsch’s latest dough sheeting machines — the ROLLFIX 300 and 600 — offer new features and practical improvements, such as a flour duster that doesn’t require lifting operation, a quick belt release for easy cleaning and maintenance and a roller gap that has been widened to 45 mm. to allow bakers to start with thicker dough sheet. The redesigned protective covers are bigger, as well. ROLLFIX 600 also offers a new color touchscreen control panel, an ergonomically optimized user interface and a frequency controlled belt drive, among other features.
Fritsch USA Inc.
Cedar Grove, N.J.

The EFG D30 from Jungheinrich Lift Truck Corp. is the first lift truck designed with a full 180° rotating cabin that significantly reduces operator injury and eliminates obstructed views and lengthy reversal travel by allowing the operator to rotate the cabin to face the direction of travel. This truck is the ideal solution for transportation high, stacked pallets, loading/unloading trucks from one side and moving large containers. The EFG D30 allows the truck to handle loads up to 6,600 lb., reach travel speeds of 12.4 mph. and attain lift speeds of 98 ft./min.
Jungheinrich Lift Truck Corp.
Richmond, Va.

Hinds-Bock’s Model 4P-64 piston container filling system is ideal for a wide variety of ridged glass or plastic containers. It features large port openings and a large family of different spouts for running products with high concentrations of large particles such as fruit fillings. It includes diving, positive shut-off spouts for bottom-up filling, friendly operator interface in conjunction with a programmable logic controller for easy operator set-up, a hygienic stainless steel conveyor and different hopper options, depending upon the products being run.
Hinds-Bock Corp.
Redmond, Wash.

CombiScale, Inc.’s CS-10 Big Bucket Model is a 10-head combination scale that’s uniquely designed for larger products with weights of up to 6.5 lb. It uses load-cell technology for consistent performance and features stainless steel construction and tool-less disassembly for quicker wash-downs and decreased product buildup, contamination and changeover time.
CombiScale, Inc.
Elk Grove Village, Ill.

The CDA Model Dual Shaft Mixer from Charles Ross and Son Co. comes in 2-, 10-, 5- and 100-gallon sizes, with additional change can models available in size ranging from 2 gallons to 1,000 gallons. Hi, Deb…can you fix… I don’t understand this one.Each agitator is independently driven by an inverter duty, explosion-proof motor to enable its use for variable speed operation. Stocked units include 304 stainless steel wetted parts, vacuum construction, and air/oil hydraulic lifts to raise and lower the agitators. Units are available for sale or rental.
Charles Ross and Son Co.
Hauppauge, N.Y.